domestic goddess

so I'm working a day behind - I was hoping to blog this yesterday just didn't find the time.. hey ho!

had a weekend of spring cleaning, cooking, watching films and F1.. The boy spent the whole weekend building a toy car.. our spare bedroom becomes his little workshop and he uses this drill that sounds far to similar to a dentists! he was happy though - the weather with us was pretty grey and at some points wet so at least I didn't miss being outside and active..

oh also cooked our first Jamie's 30 minute meal - took a little longer than that but only just.. the boy wanted as a birthday treat the steak sandwich served with beetroot and feta salad and some new potatoes - was yum and very easy! also rustled up some white chocolate cheese cake - went for the non cook variety and everyone was very sweet and said it tasted good -  I on the other hand have confirmed that I do not like cheesecake - something I have always know just wanted to double check - Dave however loved it! Am looking forward to trying another jamie meal out - has anyone also done any..?

I do have some photos from Oli's lunch yesterday but I'll upload thoses tomorrow..

Cheese filling was based on this recipe - But I had to include white chocolate somehow.. didn't want this to be too fussy and creamy so didn't use gelatine or cream..  also the boy wanted individual cheesecakes - he is very fussy - so used some metal moulds stollen from mum!

I made a simple ginger biscuit base - I used just over half a packet and melted some butter, mixed, then packed it down in the rings which were placed on a grease proof papered tray - I then popped them in the fridge.

3 packs reduced fat cream cheese - small ones (200g I think..!)
2 - 3 tablespoons of caster sugar - maybe icing sugar would be better?
1 and 1/2 packs white chocolate - went posh with Green & Blacks
and I think thats it.. had some sour cream on standby..

Mixed cream cheese and sugar together - melted white chocolate - let cool for a little then added it to the cream cheese - simples!

I poured the filling on top of the biscuit base and chilled in the fridge over night.

I'm not sure if would hold as a full size cheese cake as it was starting to sag a little when serving them.. this may be due to the raspberries popped on top or me being too heavy handed with the hairdryer getting them out of they're moulds.. I tried to do some fancy chocolate work and should of made a raspberry coulis instead as it would of looked prettier and added some sweetness.

But so so easy and everyone else liked theres (they said!) - I'm not a pud girl and don't do creamy things so it's no wonder I didn't like it.. but if I had to rustle something up quick I'd do it again..  also so much respect for food blogs I tried so hard to document it but failed miserably! we'd eaten them before I realised I'd forgot they're all important photo shoot! hey ho!


  1. oh yum..do you have a recipe for that white choc cheese cake??

  2. Yes please a recipe for white choc cheese cake! Just what I'm looking for!!xxx

  3. noo noo - you are not! dad don't like them and your on weight watchers!

  4. This all looks and sounds great. I haven't attempted any but my Ma has...mmmm.

    Re the cheescake probs...I have a similar problem with cream cheese icing on cupcakes. It makes me shudder. But pass me your cheesecake next time, I'm sure Dave won't mind toooo much x

  5. Dentist drill aside it all sounds perfect!;)
    F1, I'm a huge fan, Alonso is my favourite, who's yours?
    P.S Please can I have Dave? x

  6. eeeeee fen and ned - ummm your not going to like me any more.. we're both very partial to Lewis.. I think as he's the reason we started watching! even though I seem to fairly ok with them all.. we are liking Alonso a lot more now.. he's funny and a very good driver!

    looking forward to this season - red bulls too good though...! the others need to catch up!

  7. you don't like cheese cake? What is there not to like? I want your house - okay?

  8. love the photos, and Dave is so cute.
    Sounds like a nice weekend.x

  9. haha is that your mum asking for the recipe? If you don't want her to see it feel free to email it to me at - thecravenmaven at gmail dot com


  10. no she can see it but I know she won't make it! I kinda made the recipe up... I found it really hard to find the recipe I wanted!

    I'll add it to the post..

  11. Lewis!:P My mum used to like him so I can't dislike the t**t anymore as much as I used too!;D I started watching in the 90's when I was a Mika Hakkinen fan, not that I'm talking looks you understand, purely driving skill...cough! Alonso is the 'Fen' in my shop name, Fernando & Ned didn't work so well! Yes I'm sadder than you could of ever imagined!:D x

  12. my mum and dogs called Lewis Hamilton but wow that is commitment! even though I love Fernando & Ned! I spent all my life on sundays waiting for my dad to fall asleep so I could switch it on - now I am the biggest geek! teams, tires, engines, tracks, quali and races LOVE it!

    he he x x

  13. your weekend sounds perfect to me...how is the ankle? my boy disappears and strums in guitar & the sound wafting through the house is lovely. the cheesecake sounds good & rich...i would not be there but my matt would eat the lot! give me banofi pie & i will eat the lot! dayle

  14. try again - as clearly at 00:17 I forget to re-read my comments! so in brief I was trying to say:

    WOW naming your shop after him - BIG fan! but I can appreciate as mum and dad named their dog Lewis Hamilton.. even though there are other reasons for this..

    I hated F1 for years.. dad would insist on watching it and I'd have to wait till he'd fallen asleep before switching over - even though he's always been a watch the start - sleep and wake up for the finish guy so didn't wait to long! he now giggles at my geeky knowledge!

    just wanted to clear that up..

    gbf - ankle is getting there - I tried to drive for the first time yesterday and it hurt a lot but this morning it looks more like an ankle even though rest of foot is green and puffy. going to go for a small bike ride this evening and see how it goes - so boring I have been getting into being active - running a little, playing squash and both of those are out of the question at the moment.. boooo

    thanks for asking though! and banofi - yum!

  15. Oooh the recipe looks good! I'm a big fan of 30 Minute Meals, we've done the risotto, pregnant jools pasta, piri piri chicken, jerk chicken, and the summer veg lasagne! They generally only take a bit longer than 30 minutes, but I think I can be forgiven as my kitchen is teeny tiny! hope the ankle is feeling better now! xxx

  16. Woohoo! Cheers for the recipe. Will be trying this one sooon!

  17. Sounds like a nice weekend!
    love the photos, and Dave is so cute:)