happy boy

today I have a happy boy - a new toy has arrived in the post and he had the biggest smile on his face.. it's his birthday on Monday and I am refusing to buy him anything as he's been having so much fun spending money on himself.. also stumbled across my happy nephew who is always a joy to see.. he can now wave and say a kinda hi and yeah.. very clever!

still in love with this weather just wish we can sack off work and enjoy it.. hey ho!

on the ankle front this is how it looked last night - it's been bandaged and i'm having to sit with my feet up at work which feels very weird! I just hope it's better by the weekend as I have lots planned.. fingers crossed!


  1. Unrelated, but you know you're now the facebook face of caught the light? :) hope your ankles better soon.

  2. I know it's weird - I see myself on Chloes updates and get a little confused! also wish I was her as I'd be going to Stockholm to photograph a beautiful wedding & eat a bucket of crayfish.. much better than the weekend I'm about to have which will be house bound with fat swollen purple foot, cleaning and watching F1..

  3. I was expecting an ipad2 to come out of that box! But I was a bit early.