office view..

so winters back.. so cold here today.. there are little hints of spring around but the general winter gloom has hit me again.. our office neighbours shed has been getting a spring clean which has left a lot of mud and compost lying around.. so uninspiring, a little smelly and vert dirty.

hey ho.. hopefully mood will improve in a day or two..


  1. I am the same as you. I thought we had turned the corner into spring but the greyness and cold of winter seems to be back with a vengeance.

  2. I too was very cold today. So cold I skipped lunch as I couldn't be bothered with going outside...Don't be alarmed though, I made up for the missed meal by having fish and chips for my tea! Hope the stinky muddy mess improves soon...or close the blind and pretend it has...x

  3. what a wonderful view! I guess you have to get used to the smell, but not when it is freshly churned up like that. Hope the weather and your mood improves soon. x