am feeling a little sorry for myself today.. i have a swollen and sore ankle after being a little too enthusiastic at squash last night.. mums just put a bandage on it which has made it feel a little better but still is a big pain.. have a lot to do this week and sitting around with my foot up was NOT on the list!

hey ho - took theses photos yesterday and have suddenly been very inspired to get my camera out again.. also been having fun with curves in photoshop! it's another lovely day here and everything is bursting with life. 2 friends are due to have their babies today - can't believe they've got the same due dates - and am so excited for them both..

hope you're all having a lovely day..

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  1. Well this is why I don't risk exercise!;P Hope your ankle gets better very soon and good luck to both of your chums x
    The pictures look great by the way!