red, white and blue

had a lovely day so far, yummy breakfast, followed by my bro's homemade burgers and salad, followed by mums red, white and blue jellies.. yummy - especially as the white was elderflower!

wedding wise, loved the dress - cried a little.. not sure why! thought the cathedral looked amazing and I'm pleased I started the trend for trees! it was all very elegant, royal and British!

just had a little bank holiday nap and now we're off out to some friends.. hope you've all had a fun day too x x

ps thanks Happy Circus (blog here) for my knitted bow! all arrived safely yesterday and I felt that it was the perfect celebration headwear!



eeeeee it's suddenly hit me! I am SO excited about tomorrow!

we're having a little farm street party here - by farm I mean mum, dad, brother and sister in law, me and the boy.. i'm going to try and motivate myself into making things delicious.. I know mum is..

so our plan is breakfast followed by a BBQ lunch.. whats everyone else's plans..? from what I can see from just trying to shop in TESCO's is that everyone having a party - there was nothing left.. not one potato, salad leaf or icing sugar! crazy days..

have fun tomorrow and I'll be back very soon.. Good luck Will's and Catherine!



boys got the laptop with all the piccies so I can't play blogs! this is why I upload photos at work and run my blog from there!

hey ho.. enjoying tele tonight.. masterchef and the last of The Crimson Petal and the White..

x x x


snippets from easter

Series one road trip with the ma and pa..

a bloggers paradise with heavenly gardens, interiors and easter egg hunt. celebrating this little mans christening.

arriving home with our village looking perfect

and enough blogging material for a week! can't wait to show you all the photos and tell you more.. now I'm jim jamed up and ready for a little TV and wine time!

Happy Easter everyone!

luckiest girl..

today i woke up to my phone beeping me this message..

I then spent ages ripping the spare room apart until I found this box..

in it was the wallet I wanted..

now I know I have a husband with a little romance in him.. what a lucky girl! thank you boy x x x



i wish I was having an Easter party..

if I was I'd make theses.. you all know how I love my rainbow colours!

for full tutorial and game rules click here.. found via the wonderful Bliss


little lamb

how cute is this lamb.. my brother and his wife are enjoying their first lambing season.. in total they now have 5 lambs they're rearing by hand.. this was their first along with his twin mini.. they all live in their garden and get taken out for walks once a day..

have decided this is my favourite time of year.. the air smells different and the other evening it even smelt of bluebells from the woods nearby.. loving all the bushes growing leaves and blossom still blooming along with the pops of yellow from dandelions and the brown fields now glowing green as well as the glaring yellow of the rape fields. country life is good.

boootiful x


weekend images

ummm what a lovely weekend.. it was a little action packed and apart from one little panic attack very enjoyable! had my Granny coming for sunday lunch so had to give the house a good going over.. also our garden was looking jungle like with long unkept grass, trees and bushes out of control... we have so much to do in there it's so daunting! hey ho thats a post another day.. I'd treated myself to most beautiful bunch of flowers from the market on Friday and then spent the whole weekend admiring them and moving them from a to b to see them everywhere.. I also then added to the flowers after giving our apple tree and BIG haircut! The apple blossom was far to pretty to just throw away so I had fun trying to arrange that, which just added more life and colour to the kitchen. mum and dad dropped off a chocolate cake with homemade marshmallow fluff inside which was yum and we finished the day off walking to the local for a few swift ones.

as i was so productive on saturday, sunday morning was spent in domestic loveliness.. made my first ever bakewell tart which was yummy! and cooked my mum and granny and simple roast chicken served with my favorite bread sauce, new potatoes, green beans and gravy.. then had to make the boy dinner when he got home resulting in me being very full.

also, and mainly for Fen&Ned, got to watch the best F1 for ages.. was so good! yay to Lewis.. can't believe we have to wait 3 weeks till the next race! boooo.. but thank goodness for the new tires adding a bit of excitement back! Fen&Ned what happened to Alonso though..? it's high time Ferrari gave him a decent car!