sorry haven't been around - we've a been a celebrating..

surprised a beloved friend in London on wednesday night as he was turning 30. the sun was shining and the boy, Dave and I got to play living London for a whole 4 days.. was AMAZING..

Dave is now a pro on a bus and loves the london parks and pavements. The boy and I couldn't of asked for more fun and came back feeling like we'd been on holiday with aching heads! we were working but took full advantage of London living enjoying coffee in cardboard cups and delicious - if expensive - beautifully ready made salads and treats.. as well the best company!

thanks all wonderful friends for looking after and entertaining us..

also celebrating the new baby arrivals - two healthy boys - Leo and Barnaby.. Born 2 weeks apart even though due on the same day! I made this bunting for both of them for their baby showers and have completely forgotten to show you - baby bunting for the baby boys.. thinking of the amazing mummies and can't wait to meet theses new boys! Congratulations Rosie and Katie x x


  1. wait-- you had two baby boys yourself and had time to make bunting??


  2. no Sami - two friends have had baby boys and I just made the bunting!

  3. Your buntings are fabulous! Nothing says "party" quite like a festive bunting ;)

  4. The bunting is awesome. Good work. Might have to steal that to be totally honest. Now the bootie purchase is clear me thinks! I'm knitting away!! xx

  5. so sweet. i think anything mini just makes my day. they look brilliant against the white wall!