dear husband..

for Easter instead of chocolate I would like...

this perfect black wallet that I have spent 3 years looking for..

or this really pretty playsuit - old school sexy glamour.. wink wink..

or this perfect necklace that is not only seriously cute but also for a good cause.. love the junkaholic!

and if your feeling really generous.. this!

the perfect small camera - the Fujifilm Finepix X100 - perfect for my everyday photography needs and so, so pretty.. I know you too have been dreaming about this camera so maybe it could be a joint Easter present..?

but most importantly, I would just like you to be with me..

but as this isn't going to happen anyone of the above please!

Many Thanks,

Wellies x x x


  1. I've been eyeing up the Rust necklaces too- especially the black pearl one. In a bit of a different price league to a choccy egg in a Crunchie mug though... shame! x

  2. I've just spent an age over at Junkaholic, thanks for the link!
    Now if there is mention of you being alone at Easter, I think it's only right that you be showered with all of the above gifts, it would go some way to make up for it yes!
    Enjoy the Grand Prix tomorrow hun, I'm hoping Alonso is less of an arse this weekend!;D xx

  3. I like the way you think, forgoing chocolate for lovely items like these :) I hope he makes it up to you for having to be away.
    Have a lovely weekend :)