mothers day

wow what a lovely day - not only did I get to see my mummy I also had the pleasure to see my Granny and aunties with their children and then their children.. so it was one big mothers fest! I'll post the photos I took tomorrow.. but I've added 3 from today - mums been making the prettiest spring cupcakes and we had a great country afternoon spent in a local village hall with blue tea cups and lots of spring flowers!

right off to cook the boy pork belly - I haven't seen him all weekend some I'm looking forward to a relaxing evening..  and he's just got back.. see you tomorrow x


  1. mmmm belly pork is my favourite. Glad you had such a lovely day x

  2. wauw you scared me, just thought I forgot mothers day after spending the whole day with mine, until I realised it is not the same day in Denmark. haha.
    Sounds like a lovely day!

  3. Aww lovely, love the cupcakes with the caterpillars on them especially!

  4. Happy mothers day to Wellies' Mum.