eeeeee it's suddenly hit me! I am SO excited about tomorrow!

we're having a little farm street party here - by farm I mean mum, dad, brother and sister in law, me and the boy.. i'm going to try and motivate myself into making things delicious.. I know mum is..

so our plan is breakfast followed by a BBQ lunch.. whats everyone else's plans..? from what I can see from just trying to shop in TESCO's is that everyone having a party - there was nothing left.. not one potato, salad leaf or icing sugar! crazy days..

have fun tomorrow and I'll be back very soon.. Good luck Will's and Catherine!


  1. We are having a little family party as well! You should see my ma and pa's place - it's a union jack fest. Have a wonderful day and come back soon to blog the pictures!x

  2. I'm really excited! Watching the coverage now and commenting on all the HUGE hats! Very proud to be British today! xxx

  3. Update to add that when I saw the trees in the Abbey I immediately thought about your wedding reception photographs! Maybe she was inspired by these very pages, who knows..? Hope have enjoyed your party x

  4. Hey Lucy.. party was good thank you.. and we all giggled about the trees!

    Eleanor I two am feeling very British.. doesn't happen often!