so quickly:
today rediscovered shoe polish - am only able to wear flats due to ankle so have given my bloch flats a new lease of life which is very exciting!

feel like a photo taking machine - have been photographing an amazing collection of jewellery for a very special lady! will tell you/show you more about that in the future.. but for now I am exhausted! even though I have had a lot of fun trying on all the jewellery! eeeee

am addicted to raw cake mixture - came across mum baking - no surprises there - and spatular in hand began to almost drink the mixture.. not good!

also as a friend said my blog should be called - mums cake blog - think I need to make her one of her own even though she's having non of it!

missing the blues sky but we still have blossom so know spring IS here..


  1. My Blochs have lasted me 2 years! (well after a re-sole:). Spring is comign back, don't worry! x LondonZest

  2. I really want your Mum to start a blog - as long as she sends me samples of her baking.

  3. I'm sure she would spare thoughts - your her favourite!

  4. You know the old saying, If you are going to wear flats, then let them be Blochs....no I haven't heard it before either but it's true!
    There's mention of some sun tomorrow, enjoy!xx
    P.S Start the blog and we can all beg your mum to use it!x

  5. Beautiful blossoms! Can't wait to hear more about this jewelry! ;)