weekend images

ummm what a lovely weekend.. it was a little action packed and apart from one little panic attack very enjoyable! had my Granny coming for sunday lunch so had to give the house a good going over.. also our garden was looking jungle like with long unkept grass, trees and bushes out of control... we have so much to do in there it's so daunting! hey ho thats a post another day.. I'd treated myself to most beautiful bunch of flowers from the market on Friday and then spent the whole weekend admiring them and moving them from a to b to see them everywhere.. I also then added to the flowers after giving our apple tree and BIG haircut! The apple blossom was far to pretty to just throw away so I had fun trying to arrange that, which just added more life and colour to the kitchen. mum and dad dropped off a chocolate cake with homemade marshmallow fluff inside which was yum and we finished the day off walking to the local for a few swift ones.

as i was so productive on saturday, sunday morning was spent in domestic loveliness.. made my first ever bakewell tart which was yummy! and cooked my mum and granny and simple roast chicken served with my favorite bread sauce, new potatoes, green beans and gravy.. then had to make the boy dinner when he got home resulting in me being very full.

also, and mainly for Fen&Ned, got to watch the best F1 for ages.. was so good! yay to Lewis.. can't believe we have to wait 3 weeks till the next race! boooo.. but thank goodness for the new tires adding a bit of excitement back! Fen&Ned what happened to Alonso though..? it's high time Ferrari gave him a decent car!


  1. Your kitchen looks gorgeous, I am very jealous: and now have a strong case of kitchen and flower envy! xx

  2. Sounds like a quite perfect weekend - and looks very delicious, too :)

  3. :D It was a great race wasn't it, finally some overtaking in F1! Ferrari are pants so far, Webber makes the podium from 17th and yet Alonso drops down the field...I wasn't best pleased with my boy!;D Jenson Button though eh, in the wrong box at the pit stop, as if the head & shoulders advert wasn't entertainment enough!;D
    Everything in the photos above looks fantastic, you domestic goddess you! Are those little bambinos nesting in a bag!xx

  4. I forgot to mention the nest.. yes in my compost bag.. so cute! I didn't want to get too close but as soon as I did their giant mouths became bright yellow!

    So F1.. thats what I mean.. he seemed to always be racing schumacher.. there must of been something up with his car - kers stopped working or something - I know he was 2 stopping but Massa seemed to be able to keep some pace! And where the hell DID webber come from! come on Ferrari time to sort yourselves out! Would love to see Alonso in the renault right now.. that car looks good!

    Right off to watch a certain head & shoulders advert

  5. Chocolate and marshmallow in a cakes... yum! Love waking up on sundays and watching the grand-prix, I have a secret love for Jake!

  6. Forget the renault I'd love to see Alonso in my house right now!;D
    I like the DRS for some overtaking but I'm not keen on this kers business, they scrapped it before maybe they will again.
    3 looong weeks waiting, as if the winter break wasn't long enough! {Sorry to say if it's ok with you I'll be back to chew the fat then too, since I lost my Dad last year I've been lost this season with nobody to chit chat F1 with so thanks and sorry in advance!;)} xx

  7. Baby birds and apple blossom, how lovely!