farm theme 1st birthday party!

how could we not... had to go for a farm theme birthday party.. due to a few rubbish things.. the weekend of baking and making didn't go entirely to plan.. but we got there in the end!

I made farm yard biscuits - more tricky than you think.. Mum the amazing cake and Fliss (the mummy and sister in law) cow and daschund shaped sandwiches.. I also made some of my mini bunting and a 1, felt t-shirt.. which looked fab!

apart from the weather the day was fabulous.. the sunny outdoor bbq, turned into cosy house party..  my brother and his wife's cottage has never been more full and the boy and I were missing vital accessories - a baby! hey ho I kept on stealing other peoples and clinging to them as if I knew how!

Jacob was amazing though and took his party in his stride.. was a little concerned when everyone was singing but soon started to enjoy it throwing his hands in the air saying huray!

1 today..

yeah - darling nephew is one today!

had his birthday party yesterday and his granny made him a wonderful cake that was decorated last minute all within 2 hours.. pretty impressive I think..

I'll upload more pictures later.. even though for once I didn't take many.. last week was one of the worst so heres to a new week.. x


happy days..

woooo hoooooooooo breathing a big sigh of relief.. My brothers dog was picked up safe and sound this morning by the local dog warden. she's been with someone as she was very clean, groomed and a had a shinny new collar on.. we're not sure if she'd run away from there this morning or if they let her go but it doesn't matter cause she's HOME! few!

as she's back we can all rally together and start to organise my nephews 1st birthday..

took this photo yesterday - as much as I love blue skies we have been in dia need of rain.. some came yesterday and a little more today.. it's been a good day all round! even dads wooping!


32 years

i'm a day behind.. but happy anniversary mum and dad..

x x x

photo by chloe taken at our wedding..


a holkham walk

here's some photos from saturday on the beech.. we went to Holkham for a long walk and bump into one of my beautiful friends and got to meet her new baby boy which was lovely.. we finished off the day with a drink and cake at the Victoria.. delish..

I always forget how lucky we are to be so close to the coast.. it's really something we should make more of!


so I had a great weekend but a sad one at the same time..

had a wonderfully busy time with friends.. we did get to walk on the beech, have a bbq, F1, films, food and loveliness.. but this was juxtaposed with my brother and his wife's dog Dilly going missing on Sunday morning. they looked everywhere and were hopeful for news on Monday morning.. but so far nothing.. we're all keeping our fingers and toes crossed that she's safe and will get to be home where she belongs very soon..

will be adding some photos from our weekend later.. as always I can't just pick a few.. have to show you all of them! but for now here's our office yesterday.. flowers, new furniture and clouds as my desktop!



it's been a crazy one.. the boy and I are very tired.. farm life seems to start a little earlier than we're used too and our new bed companion, Lewis is a little crazy at times.. but oh so cute!

still in the office at the moment waiting for our wonderful friends to arrive.. can't wait to catch up.. I feel food, wine, walks, beech, bbq's and F1 coming on.. it's going to be a good one!

hope you all have a lovely weekend x