well bloggers been a bit crazy.. did write a post on tuesday that I didn't have time to finish off so I'm going to save this for another day as I still have soooooo much left to do, think it's going to have to be a working weekend boooooooooo..

got some nice treats planned as well so not all bad!

I'll leave you with Mr cock-a-doodle-do.. the chickens have just been set free from their confine to enjoy the greener pastures.. we're just hoping that none of the dogs kill them! oh and Mr fox - the joys of farm life!

see you next week.. have a lovely weekend x


  1. Hope they're happy with their new space. Enjoy your weekend x

  2. Blogger has been doing my nut in! It has dawned on me how addicted to blogging I am! Anyhooo - glad to be back. Be safe little chooks... run like the wind if Mr Foxy comes a calling! xx

  3. The chickens are in their home safe & sound having walked what I would have thought was chicken miles!!

  4. I'm absolutely positive that you do soooooooo much work but you do make life look so idyllic.

  5. Is that an eglu?

    Are they any good?

  6. Curator answering for Wellies, yes it is an eglu and it is brilliant. As you might be able to see we did put up more fencing around it but if you haven't got the space or no dogs to cause damage then it's fine. We did get their extra caging to begin with which worked well till we got more hens.
    They are so easy to clean and to move, also rats can't get in. To be honest the only downside is the price I don't think I will ever have enough eggs to pay for it. I think it will last though so perhaps my grandchildren will!