farm theme 1st birthday party!

how could we not... had to go for a farm theme birthday party.. due to a few rubbish things.. the weekend of baking and making didn't go entirely to plan.. but we got there in the end!

I made farm yard biscuits - more tricky than you think.. Mum the amazing cake and Fliss (the mummy and sister in law) cow and daschund shaped sandwiches.. I also made some of my mini bunting and a 1, felt t-shirt.. which looked fab!

apart from the weather the day was fabulous.. the sunny outdoor bbq, turned into cosy house party..  my brother and his wife's cottage has never been more full and the boy and I were missing vital accessories - a baby! hey ho I kept on stealing other peoples and clinging to them as if I knew how!

Jacob was amazing though and took his party in his stride.. was a little concerned when everyone was singing but soon started to enjoy it throwing his hands in the air saying huray!


  1. It sounds fabulous, all in all!
    But are 1-year-olds really that big? I cannot believe it (and don't want to, I mean, hey, my baby can't be so much of a toddler in only 3 weeks from now!).

  2. that cake is sickkkkkk. how did your mum do it?
    your lucky 1 year old!


  3. Wow, you guys really know how to throw parties. Cow and daschund shaped sandwiches!?

  4. I know snygg.. he is so big.. well looks it! I think he looks more grown up because he is so lean and has a real boy face.. he hasn't looked like a baby for months now!

    sami chu I'll get where the recipes came from.. we were going from one blog to the other..

  5. Wow,those sandwiches are too cool! And as for the cake! Amazing!

  6. Your mum's cake is amazing!! Umm, my favorite cake ever. I'd be interested in the recipe too, i'd love to give it a shot although i'm quite sure mine would not turn out as nice as your mum's. And the cookies, too cute. Such a lovely 1st birthday :)

  7. Hello, i am new to your blog. It is completely gorgeous!!! Just had a look at your wedding photos - wow!! what a beautiful location.
    I'm looking forward to reading through your blog when i get a moment. LissyLou x

  8. That cake is fantastic! Looks like this is one very loved little one year old.

  9. Hey, great farm theme party! I am write a blog and I am looking to feature real life 1st birthday parties and wondered if you would allow me permission to use your photos and write about your party? Best, Kirsty