happy days..

woooo hoooooooooo breathing a big sigh of relief.. My brothers dog was picked up safe and sound this morning by the local dog warden. she's been with someone as she was very clean, groomed and a had a shinny new collar on.. we're not sure if she'd run away from there this morning or if they let her go but it doesn't matter cause she's HOME! few!

as she's back we can all rally together and start to organise my nephews 1st birthday..

took this photo yesterday - as much as I love blue skies we have been in dia need of rain.. some came yesterday and a little more today.. it's been a good day all round! even dads wooping!


  1. what a happy ending- so glad ot hear!

  2. I was a little worried about that lost doggie! Glad as is well :)

  3. Phew indeed. Glad she is home safe. People are strange though. Imagine getting her a new collar etc. instead of calling the dog warden immediately.

  4. So happy to hear that your brother's dog is back safe and sound! Sounds like a good day yes :)
    PS: I love the scenery where you live! Beautiful!

  5. I've been having trouble leaving comments on posts that have the 'choose profile box' & just in time it's resolved for me to say ENJOY THE RACE LOVELY!!!
    {Really glad to hear the good news too!}xx

  6. So pleased...these furry friends really are members of the family.

    Ingrid x