200 and struggling..

woooooo hooooooooo 200 followers! wowsers! hello to all of you out there and thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings and seeing my life through a lens.. you are all amazing! also to Dad who has been planning to be my 200th follower.. very cleverly setting up an account and calling himself, dada with picture of dotty, his series one landy, to go with! he was very chuffed with himself and it's now nice to know that he's a follower as he is my biggest critic.. "dull blog at the moment Tor", "why are there no pictures of my Landies", "take a picture of me a Lewis for you blog.." (lewis being the dog!).. I'll get told off for this a lunch today but hey ho I know you all love him! (have got a better photo somewhere but clearly not on work computer!.. may have a look when I get home tonight and change it!)

other news is my sore throat has turned into full blown cold and I'm feeling very miserable because of it! I am the worst ill person - family will agree! I'm at the getting through a whole box of tissues stage and it's slowly moving down to my chest.. all good signs as I've just seen the forecast for the weekend and it's looking like another good one - not so crazy hot - but sunny and nice! and as we have two birthdays on saturday I want to be in tip top condition!

took theses photos of dave the other day hunting in the grass.. he kept on trying to crawl through the wire gaps and getting his head stuck.. he did however make it in in the end and came strutting over to me as proud as punch to be on the other side!

have a lovely day x


for sale...

wellies old camera and lens.. so the boy has put his foot down and insisted on selling our old camera and lens.. this is the camera that I picked up and took photos like this.. (all taken on the 9th september 2009 2 days after we got the camera and have not been edited)

this is the camera that made/ gave me the incentive to start my blog.. this is the camera that has aloud me to grow so much as a photographer and has introduced me to a world that needs to be photographed.. The camera and lens are being sold separately on ebay..

have a look through my blog and 95% of photos are taken using this camera.. my favourites being this.. and this.. and this.. oh and sarah.. and easter.. the beach.. oh so many.. some that I never even blogged about.. like this again taken in 2009 when we went to see a picasso exhibition and have a cream tea at the beautiful Narborough hall.. only in Norfolk!

just wanted to let you know in case anyone was in the market.. I'd like to see it being put to good creative use!



but loving it! 33 degrees and hot hot hot..

think this is the last of the heat, will be back to normal tomorrow.. Dave will be pleased.. he's not too sure!

good afternoon...

wooooooooo weeeeeeeeeee WHAT a weekend..

have ended up with a red face and a sore throat - but was totally worth it!

wedding was amazing! in the prettiest Alice in Wonderland location just outside of Newcastle.. the bride and groom looked seriously stylish and had the nicest friends and family.. I opted for my Marni and the boy looked very handsome in his wedding suit.. we both got very merry and enjoyed the whole day to the upmost.. ending up on the dance floor as always trowing out some of my best shapes..

we were home by saturday and sunday was spent in the garden lying on a duvet doing nothing! both of us are a little redder than we should be but all is good in the hood.. just got a lot of work to catch up on due to our short week last week - hey ho!



so beautiful Katy popped in to see us yesterday.. she owns the amazing Vintage Deli - my favourite vintage store - and has recently had this beautiful little boy.. got to have baby cuddles and a little catch up which was so lovely.... isn't he the cutest..

works done.. now off to Newcastle.. have a happy weekend x x



hello.. so as I thought this week has been crazy - where did monday and tuesday go..?

weekend was fun.. netball happened and it went really well.. kinda got back into it really swiftly - even though it was all very casual and turned out being 5 a side with the ref, our old netball teacher playing. we got SO wet though.. a whole day of non stop drizzle! was weird going back to the old school it's been 10 years since we left.. crazy! but I loved spending time with me pal Sophie.. and finishing off in the pub was all good as well!

diet wise is sill going strong.. loving the exercise and am already feeling better! also never really appreciated blueberries before.. have to say they're well lush!

photos are a bit random.. just a collection from the weekend! since saturday it's been on and off rain and drizzle.. we're hoping the sun will come out again soon.. dave loves to sit in it he spent hours in the above persuasion this weekend - just staring into the house.. bonkers dog!

right must now start packing.. our week is almost over! off to a wedding in newcastle on Friday and heading up there tomorrow.. eeeeee I'm excited even though still haven't planed what I'm going to wear.. only solution - take all options with me!


over and out..

eeeee it's the weekend.. first time we've had a weekend at home for 4 weeks even though as always the boy is away racing on sunday.. we had big plans of playing with the new toy on saturday.. a drive round the coast a picnic somewhere and exploring and taking pictures which would have been so much fun.. .. unfortunally the weather had other ideas! hey ho.. I might go exploring on my own on sunday - with dave of course.. even though I stupidly signed myself up to playing a netball game - arhhh - there is talk of it being cancelled though - fingers crossed!

have the craziest of weeks next week so am looking forward to a little relaxing! Hope you have a good time..

photo of dave and me being blinded by the sun..



so reality struck this week.. after a weekend of excess - again - i'm now left feeling horrid, unfit and over weight.. caught a glimps of myself in a photo and was shocked with how I looked.. so shocked I cried (not good!) so this week I have really nuckeled down to healty eating and getting fit.. no sugar for me, no bad carbs, no cake, no chocolate, no alcohol, toning DVD in the morning followed a little cardio in the evening.. so far so good.. but it's still early doors!

made some delicious oaty breakfast bars (above).. not low fat but full of all the good stuff and a tiny square is all you need.. found the recipe here even though I did tweak it slightly!

loving the camera.. trying hard to play when I can.. Am slowly creating a portfolio of plants in mums garden.. loved this oat grass - think thats what it is! - tweaked it in curves in photoshop and loved the result so much made it my desktop image.. have also included some bits thats are currently on my desk.. including postcards kindly sent to me from the talented Vivian from it's a snygg thing, bear card from Kerry at the Seventy Tree and a hello invite to Pulse from the incredible Alison Hardcastle.. isn't it good when your feeling down how quickly you can be inspired by the wonderful people out there..

I love blog land x x x


roses and brides..

so as always got lost in the garden taking theses the other day.. and as you can see from the new banner feel in love.. after i'd taken these the boy got hold of the camera and saw that i'd twisted and turned knobs I shouldn't of - hey ho I like the results and I've now learnt that lesson!

also lookety look - we're in Brides.. Yay!

was very excited when I heard this was going to happen and very proud that our little old wedding has graced the pages of Brides.. again thanks to our amazing photographer Chloe who did the most incredible job - and a really BIG special thanks again to my mum and dad who allowed us to have the wedding we wanted and made our dreams come through through their amazing support and generosity.. such a lucky girl to have you both..

oh and the boy for marrying me - love you!


so the new toy..

so as you may have guessed from this post.. we have a new camera.. not only a new camera but we have seriously invested in some new equipment.. the nikon is no more.. we now have a touch of red in our lives.. a brand spanking new Canon 5D markII with not one but two L series lenses.. a 50mm 1.2 prime and a 17-40mm F4 lens and a big ass flash..

today is my first day doing my product photography with it and I have to say the results are already exciting - few! i'm shooting a garden centre at some point this week so I need to get to grips with buttons etc by then and we also have an amazing boutique B&B in Bath to do next week.. we both love taking photos and making this leap feels right.. and so far the results have been worth it and it's fun having a glimmer of whats to come..

had a wonderful weekend in London..  my feet are ruined due to too much dancing in boots without socks - school boy error - but otherwise had the best time! thanks to my beautiful friend Prince Charles who is a diamond host!

off home now to watch the F1 - have managed to not hear anything all day so will be good chilling out with it tonight - have heard it's epic in time scale - thank god for the iPlayer on PS3!


getting lost...

looking at the beautiful people, with their perfect bodies and their amazing clothes in the life of the fabulous and incredible stylish Hanneli...

i always get itchy before I go off to London and play with the beautiful people.. living in the country and working for myself I can get away with nothingness.. i dress up for meetings but otherwise same old 5 year old jeans that aren't even nice and white vests that are no longer white! must start trying harder! first new wardrobe and body needed..

click here to get lost too x x

all photos © Hanneli Mustaparta


catch up..

crazy days, crazy days..

the boy and I are very busy and very stressed.. trying to clear work seems to be impossible.. we never seem to be home and in general just a bit arhhhh

also may have a new toy to play with.. and no time to play! this is one of my first photos taken with it though...



mum just sent me this picture.. poor chicken!

hope your all having a lovely weekend.. i'm busy in Bath which is lovely! x x


pop of yellow

wow how beautiful are the roses this year..
this one smelt amazing.. and looked so perfect!