200 and struggling..

woooooo hooooooooo 200 followers! wowsers! hello to all of you out there and thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings and seeing my life through a lens.. you are all amazing! also to Dad who has been planning to be my 200th follower.. very cleverly setting up an account and calling himself, dada with picture of dotty, his series one landy, to go with! he was very chuffed with himself and it's now nice to know that he's a follower as he is my biggest critic.. "dull blog at the moment Tor", "why are there no pictures of my Landies", "take a picture of me a Lewis for you blog.." (lewis being the dog!).. I'll get told off for this a lunch today but hey ho I know you all love him! (have got a better photo somewhere but clearly not on work computer!.. may have a look when I get home tonight and change it!)

other news is my sore throat has turned into full blown cold and I'm feeling very miserable because of it! I am the worst ill person - family will agree! I'm at the getting through a whole box of tissues stage and it's slowly moving down to my chest.. all good signs as I've just seen the forecast for the weekend and it's looking like another good one - not so crazy hot - but sunny and nice! and as we have two birthdays on saturday I want to be in tip top condition!

took theses photos of dave the other day hunting in the grass.. he kept on trying to crawl through the wire gaps and getting his head stuck.. he did however make it in in the end and came strutting over to me as proud as punch to be on the other side!

have a lovely day x


  1. Would you please please please start selling some of your amazing photographies as prints? I promise to buy them all!
    But before that, get well soon! :)

  2. Just stumbled across your blog, and it's really beautiful, well done! I particularly love the clarity of your images. Just a quick question - is this blog hosted by blogger and if so - how do you get such good quality images to host on here? I'm frustrated with how blurry the images are reduced in blogger. Tips would be much appreciated! Thanks x

  3. I've been reading for a while now and continue to check your lovely blog each week. It transports me to a life on the other side of the pond and gives me pause to see your ups and downs as it were. So happy to a reader of yours :)

  4. I'm a new follower here -- love your blog, even the title of it!

    Sal x


  5. I can't quite remember how I found you - I was just stumbling from one blog to another. But this was a lucky stumble. Beautiful pictures.

    And your wedding looked amazing!
    x claire

  6. oh my, this made me smile. my dad too is my greatest follower, it's his favourite hobby. he loves reading the comments and then checking out their blogs too :-) you take beautiful photographs, one day i would love to own a 5d/50 1.2 too, although i do appreciate it is the photographer & not just the equipment ;-)

  7. no pinkBow I think it's all about the equipment.. and obviously an obsession with taking photos! Dad likes reading comments about me - my mum's the real geek she know's what all my followers are up to and whats happening on their blogs.. If you see a Noo Noo that's my mum!

    hey everyone.. Robyn, No Carnations, Sal and one claire day thank you for your lovely comments.. which every blogger loves! Robyn I've got an email half written to you regarding photos - but just incase anyone else is interested yes I use Bloggers Updated editor to upload my images but before I do I always crop them (700px wide for me) and save for web in photoshop. I think this will mean as they're the right size they won't get so compressed as they're already a small image size and the right dpi (72 for web).. am I making sense..?

    anyway thanks again all lovely readers x x x