hello.. so as I thought this week has been crazy - where did monday and tuesday go..?

weekend was fun.. netball happened and it went really well.. kinda got back into it really swiftly - even though it was all very casual and turned out being 5 a side with the ref, our old netball teacher playing. we got SO wet though.. a whole day of non stop drizzle! was weird going back to the old school it's been 10 years since we left.. crazy! but I loved spending time with me pal Sophie.. and finishing off in the pub was all good as well!

diet wise is sill going strong.. loving the exercise and am already feeling better! also never really appreciated blueberries before.. have to say they're well lush!

photos are a bit random.. just a collection from the weekend! since saturday it's been on and off rain and drizzle.. we're hoping the sun will come out again soon.. dave loves to sit in it he spent hours in the above persuasion this weekend - just staring into the house.. bonkers dog!

right must now start packing.. our week is almost over! off to a wedding in newcastle on Friday and heading up there tomorrow.. eeeeee I'm excited even though still haven't planed what I'm going to wear.. only solution - take all options with me!


  1. Dave is seriously the cutest! Love your random photos, blueberries and raspberries, yum! Enjoy the wedding, sounds lovely and i can't wait to see what you wear :)

  2. I LOVE Dave!!! That is all. x

  3. i love those pom pom flowers. i asked a florist once "who makes those?" as if a designer made them-- silly.