for sale...

wellies old camera and lens.. so the boy has put his foot down and insisted on selling our old camera and lens.. this is the camera that I picked up and took photos like this.. (all taken on the 9th september 2009 2 days after we got the camera and have not been edited)

this is the camera that made/ gave me the incentive to start my blog.. this is the camera that has aloud me to grow so much as a photographer and has introduced me to a world that needs to be photographed.. The camera and lens are being sold separately on ebay..

have a look through my blog and 95% of photos are taken using this camera.. my favourites being this.. and this.. and this.. oh and sarah.. and easter.. the beach.. oh so many.. some that I never even blogged about.. like this again taken in 2009 when we went to see a picasso exhibition and have a cream tea at the beautiful Narborough hall.. only in Norfolk!

just wanted to let you know in case anyone was in the market.. I'd like to see it being put to good creative use!


  1. oh yes me! I'd love the lens...need to speak to Dan, as purse strings are really tight. xx

  2. All your photo's are stunning - I'd love both the camera and len.
    I've been using a every sad old camera for my blog, so its time to upgrade.
    I've been thinking about buying a new camera for months, but have just been overawed by all that's available and I'm not sure what to go for...but seeing your results maybe some of your magic would rub off if I adopted yours =)

  3. Wow ... such great memories were made with this camera but just think ... you will always have the pictures :)

    Perhaps, before you send it off, you should have a little portrait sesh with it? ... you know, for the memories!

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  4. It's so sad when you have to let go of something that has been so instrumental to you, but knowing it will go to a good home will make it easier, I guess. That and the fact that you have your awesome new toy! I promised myself I could use some of my savings to buy a new camera this summer, so I am heading over now. Beautiful photos, as usual. x

  5. Hi Wellies love your blog xxxx.

  6. The photo of Biggles just brought a tear to my eye xxx

  7. I know Will.. the Pig! I thought that too which is why he had to be included.. I miss the Pig..

    And Hello to DADA my 200th follower.. thanks dad x x

  8. Such beautiful photos. It's sad to see something that inspired you so much go but at the same time maybe your camera and lens will be the start of something just as special for someone else :)