getting lost...

looking at the beautiful people, with their perfect bodies and their amazing clothes in the life of the fabulous and incredible stylish Hanneli...

i always get itchy before I go off to London and play with the beautiful people.. living in the country and working for myself I can get away with nothingness.. i dress up for meetings but otherwise same old 5 year old jeans that aren't even nice and white vests that are no longer white! must start trying harder! first new wardrobe and body needed..

click here to get lost too x x

all photos © Hanneli Mustaparta


  1. She really does look so effortlessly stylish..sigh..which I do not sat here in my son's hoodie! Lisa

  2. Oooh I get a little envious of these people who manage to look so effortly stylish! I live in London and sometimes think I need to try harder, but I'm just a big fan of comfort!
    I just found your blog through caught the light - I loved your wedding sooo much!!

  3. thanks Sally.. I know - comfort always wins for me too.. I just need to get away from black! it seems my whole wardrobe has suddenly become monochrome! hey ho..