good afternoon...

wooooooooo weeeeeeeeeee WHAT a weekend..

have ended up with a red face and a sore throat - but was totally worth it!

wedding was amazing! in the prettiest Alice in Wonderland location just outside of Newcastle.. the bride and groom looked seriously stylish and had the nicest friends and family.. I opted for my Marni and the boy looked very handsome in his wedding suit.. we both got very merry and enjoyed the whole day to the upmost.. ending up on the dance floor as always trowing out some of my best shapes..

we were home by saturday and sunday was spent in the garden lying on a duvet doing nothing! both of us are a little redder than we should be but all is good in the hood.. just got a lot of work to catch up on due to our short week last week - hey ho!


  1. Love summer wedding season!

  2. Love the polaroids! And what a stylish bride.
    All is good in the hood, love that too :) Glad you to hear you had a good time.

  3. Fabulous photos! What fun! Sal x


  4. Was the wedding at Close House by any chance? x

  5. hey Alice.. no it was Matfen Hall.. and Anna the bride was seriously fabulous - christian dior lace boots.. amazing!

  6. Ahh Matfen Hall is so beautiful as well! The boots are fierce! Who was the bride's dress by? Newcastle and Northumberland are so beautiful, you should come back and visit again - so many amazing stately homes and sites to visit! (not that I'm bias in ANY way....) x