so reality struck this week.. after a weekend of excess - again - i'm now left feeling horrid, unfit and over weight.. caught a glimps of myself in a photo and was shocked with how I looked.. so shocked I cried (not good!) so this week I have really nuckeled down to healty eating and getting fit.. no sugar for me, no bad carbs, no cake, no chocolate, no alcohol, toning DVD in the morning followed a little cardio in the evening.. so far so good.. but it's still early doors!

made some delicious oaty breakfast bars (above).. not low fat but full of all the good stuff and a tiny square is all you need.. found the recipe here even though I did tweak it slightly!

loving the camera.. trying hard to play when I can.. Am slowly creating a portfolio of plants in mums garden.. loved this oat grass - think thats what it is! - tweaked it in curves in photoshop and loved the result so much made it my desktop image.. have also included some bits thats are currently on my desk.. including postcards kindly sent to me from the talented Vivian from it's a snygg thing, bear card from Kerry at the Seventy Tree and a hello invite to Pulse from the incredible Alison Hardcastle.. isn't it good when your feeling down how quickly you can be inspired by the wonderful people out there..

I love blog land x x x


  1. Wierd. I've just done a post this morning with Kerry's Bear card in it. I must say I am overly interested in your photos and also the tiniest bit envious! Well done with the being good bit. Yes I caught sight of my stomach in a car window the other day... I looked pregnant! Not good at all. Lou x

  2. I'm having one of these times when I don't like myself very much. I've just not got to the stage where I do anything about it. Good luck with being good.

  3. love love love your photos...playing with curves in photoshop is the best!

    good luck with your new regimen. you can totally do it!

  4. Loving the results from your new camera! Photos like this make me wish I was a better photographer. Lovely to see my little hello card on your window sill - thanks for the mention. x