wowsers.. what a weekend.. an epic hen do in Norfolk for this lovely lady..

we had so much fun and the weekend was packed with all sorts - dinner, bouncy castle, dressing up, fish and chips, dancing, drinking, pub crawl and a bus. have an insane 450 photos to go through and a liver that needs recovering but hopefully I'll get around to showing you some of the piccies soon!

also haven't had time to show you this from last weekend.. the owsley-brown pop up..

so much to blog so little time.. we now have a 7 day count down till wifi free holiday... arrrrhhhh I am so excited but this is the moment when working for yourself is so stressful.. we have a lot to finish before we go and as last week was bad this week is going to be insane.. only thing to do is go to bed and get on with the challenge tomorrow..

I hope your weekend was as good as mine and to all those other hens out there reading this - MARTIN!


boys and tractors..

so cute.. nephew, granddad and a tractor..

have had another good week.. seem to be getting stuff done which is nice.. have a great weekend planned which is exciting.. off to a pop up restaurant tonight curtsy of the Owsley-Browns.. one of our talented clients.. woodland bike ride, baby sitting, Vintage Deli hiring launch night and a whole sunday all to myself..

hope you've got a good one planned too..



felt very sad on my way to work today.. at the moment life is so beautiful and precious that it can become over whelming. I took my boys hand and realised just how lucky I am.



the rain has been non stop this weekend and the house and garden are craving attention.. it's been a good one though.. pub, friends, pink gins, curry, dvd, sleeping, toast, cleaning, shopping, cinema, gardening, driving, cooking, eating, and reading. am looking forward to the next few weeks and weekends.. we have so much on work wise and 3 weeks to get as much done as possible before our well over due hol-i-day. a week in italy with fiends.. the boy and I are so excited, first holiday in 2 years together.. and we'll be out there for our 1 year wedding anniversary - WHERE has this year gone!

off for an early night.. cup a tea and my book calling..

photos from the farm.. the boys are baling hay.. how lucky are those cows living off delicious wild flower meadows.. going to try and escape there again.. a dying battery, full card and a stressed boy did not make for happy friday afternoon snapping!



so have only just got around to downloading theses from the weekend..

after walking round most of Regents park I saw some bunting from afar and new that that must be the Blognic.. it was such a fun day and I had a really good time meeting lots of seriously lovely people..  Hannah, Ray, LisaCarol, Ana Maria, Katy, BeckyMarianne to name a few.. the food was amazing and so pretty..  and the weather just about held up.. looking back could of talked to more people.. I have a habit when meeting people to get a little scatty! Big thanks to Lynne as always did an amazing job at organising it and to her partner in crime the lovely Ellie who I got to have a big chat with this time.

rest of weekend was very good fun.. tapas, F1 quali, cake making and glitter dusting, bike ride, coffee, shopping, more biking, burger eating, wine, catching up with friends.. some for the first time in 10 years and a long drive home. all in all a LUSH weekend!


wellies week..

so nearly done.. wooo hoooooo

have a very exciting weekend planned.. off to Londinion tonight to stay with friends and to attend the event of the summer.. the Blognic! anyone else heading down..? always scary turning up to these things but the last one I went to had so much fun so hopefully, weather permitting, it should be a full filled day!

Here are a few from my week.. still getting used to this Canon - not there yet but am feeling a little more comfortable! have done my favourite sky photo, cakes from last weekend, enjoyed the warmer weather and had a visit from my brother in a disgusting vest showing off his farmers tan to a T!  our plants from the show ready to be planted and my dad looking very happy!

Hopefully see/meet a few of you at this blognic and I'm sure I'll have some photos to share next week.


sun, rain, flowers and a boat ride..

hello.. so crazy week as always.. where the hell has it gone! my head has been down working hard after my amazing day off with mum at hampton court flower show.. we had so much fun and it was amazing seeing all the wonderfully inspiring gardens and finally coming up for a plan for part of our garden!
the day started off so sticky, hot and sunny.. then at 4 the weather suddenly changed and the rain started.. made it all the more fun and I was so inspired by everything I saw and just loved the whole day..
here are some piccies of our day taken with dads small lumix GF1..

yay to copella for one putting together a beautiful garden (above) and two for giving out free samples of their new flavours.. apple and mint quite simply YUMMY!

thyme running up the garden path - so beautiful.

always be prepared.. we weren't! green RHS waterproof ponchos to the rescue!

heading back.. boat ride.. bus journey surounded by plants and a full car.. such a lovely day!

thanks mummy x x x