wowsers.. what a weekend.. an epic hen do in Norfolk for this lovely lady..

we had so much fun and the weekend was packed with all sorts - dinner, bouncy castle, dressing up, fish and chips, dancing, drinking, pub crawl and a bus. have an insane 450 photos to go through and a liver that needs recovering but hopefully I'll get around to showing you some of the piccies soon!

also haven't had time to show you this from last weekend.. the owsley-brown pop up..

so much to blog so little time.. we now have a 7 day count down till wifi free holiday... arrrrhhhh I am so excited but this is the moment when working for yourself is so stressful.. we have a lot to finish before we go and as last week was bad this week is going to be insane.. only thing to do is go to bed and get on with the challenge tomorrow..

I hope your weekend was as good as mine and to all those other hens out there reading this - MARTIN!


  1. Caroline Mytton1 August 2011 at 08:34

    Glad you had a good w/e - we had a fab time at Church Farm and 'pigged out' on delicious Beef but were sad not to see you and OH.
    Love the blog, photography wonderful and hope to see you soon. Caroline x

  2. Just come across your blog and i cant tell you how much i love it! your photography is amazing (im defo doing it at college now) and as for your wedding!! How gorgeous!! Cant wait to read more posts! :)

  3. Sounds like a fab hen do... a bouncy castle? Ace! :) I'm presuming there are pics of that?