one more time..

just can't get enough of the grass! last one I promise.. camera has been tucked in his bag all week... will be making an appearance this weekend I hope!

looking forward to the weekend.. 2 Birthday BBQ's this Saturday! have stupidly given myself an epic amount of baking to do but I'm hoping it will all turn out a ok.. for once mum is to busy to help, cough, do it for me..! as always she says it's easy and I'll be fine - we'll wait and see! going to try and sort out recipes and images for you along the way as I know some of you in the past have taken interest in the cakes.. the recipes will be fine.. images maybe, as always depend on how rushed I am! I may get one of the cake mixture and maybe some eggs.. the finished product.. probably not!

I'm ready for the challenge though.. BRING IT ON!

cold wise I'm almost there - I've got that annoying tickley cough that is driving the boy spare today.. mainly because of the whistle - does anybody else whistle when they cough..?

any how back to work.. I'm working on a logo for a shop/blog coming your way soon..

have a lovely weekend everyone.. for once UK gals it looks like it could be a good one! woop woop x


  1. these images are amazing! Give me your camera! Superbly jealous! Have an awesome weekend hun... good luck with the baking. Lou x

  2. I agree with Lou! I am so jealous of your new camera. Obviously it’s your wonderful eye too :)

    Have a great weekend and enjoy your baking x

  3. Love the photos! Good luck with your baking...I'm sure you'll do great!

  4. Ahh, you whistle when you cough, sounds oddly cute!!
    More grass shots by all means these are fantastic, love the colours and focus!
    No doubt the baking will be a huge success, you have been taught by the master of baking! Looking forward to seeing the photos {& the blog logo clever lady!} xx

  5. Nice pics!