sun, rain, flowers and a boat ride..

hello.. so crazy week as always.. where the hell has it gone! my head has been down working hard after my amazing day off with mum at hampton court flower show.. we had so much fun and it was amazing seeing all the wonderfully inspiring gardens and finally coming up for a plan for part of our garden!
the day started off so sticky, hot and sunny.. then at 4 the weather suddenly changed and the rain started.. made it all the more fun and I was so inspired by everything I saw and just loved the whole day..
here are some piccies of our day taken with dads small lumix GF1..

yay to copella for one putting together a beautiful garden (above) and two for giving out free samples of their new flavours.. apple and mint quite simply YUMMY!

thyme running up the garden path - so beautiful.

always be prepared.. we weren't! green RHS waterproof ponchos to the rescue!

heading back.. boat ride.. bus journey surounded by plants and a full car.. such a lovely day!

thanks mummy x x x


  1. Looks like so much fun and the colors! Oh goodness, I hope we have a flower show around here soon because I'm jealous! LOL!

  2. I've been dreaming of the weekend all morning and this post has just exacerbated my daze! What an amazing place -- you look like you had lots of fun.

    Sal x


  3. What a great post, it was almost as good as being there!

  4. Thank you too for such a wonderful day, time to get digging now! So many plants so little time!!!!

  5. Hello, I've just popped over to your lovely blog. What a gorgeous bunch of photos! That flower show looks unreal. The cookie looks pretty yum too. Kellie xx

  6. Your nephew seemed to be enjoying his time on your tractor. Great pictures. You have a great passion at photography. I had a lot of fun reading your blog.

  7. Perfect plant choices. Can't wait to see how you get on in the garden. Xx