last day hanging out with the gang.. I love this photo - 3 favourite people.. stop for lunch below.

a nice idea - Gilly's for an expresso - €4 sat down €1 standing up - simple choice! up we get!

so we decided on doing our tourist deed and climb the dome.. we got in line and were one of the last one's in the queue.. climbing the 463 steps up very narrow spiral staircase was exhausting and very claustrophobic and hot.. half way up you suddenly find yourself walking along a passage looking up at the amazing frescoes of the Last Judgment which were so beautiful.. a few more passages and stairs and we arrived very sweaty at the top.. I think I was so relieved to be in fresh air that the vertigo didn't effect me..  I loved the views and the experience of being up their.. well worth it - even though some water would of been appreciated at the time!

our hotel.. more like an apartment from the Talented Mr Ripley - loved it! Nice one Charlie good Florence knowledge.. with the view from outside our hotel bellow..

we had one day and night in florence..  and had so much fun.. I loved walking around hanging out for the last day with Alex and Charlie.. we had a wonderful evening out together and said goodbye in the morning as we headed off to our anniversary hotel and they headed home.. so special getting to spend time with friends like this.. can't believe it's taken us 8 years to do it! x


Sienna at dusk

our trip to Sienna didn't go entirely to plan.. firstly we couldn't find the right car park/any car park.. we arrived just as the sun was setting and were all tired, hungry and slightly bad tempered.. then we got even more hungry as non of us could decide where to eat.. we spent so long walking in circles around the Piazza del Campo knowing everywhere will be overpriced as well as being super busy.. we ended up grabbing a slice just to save our hunger and failing tempers and decided that it wasn't too bad and at 2.50 a slice far more reasonable.. 4 beers and 2 more slices later we ended up having the most enjoyable evening sitting at the top of the wooden seating which had been erected especially for the Palio over looking the Piazza..

I have to say Sienna was beautiful.. it looked at it's best for us as it was all dressed up with flags and lighting which changed in all the different sections.. we invaded a street party on the way in and out and walked all the way up it which was fascinating.. I'd love to have a street party like that.. the food looked amazing and there were all ages there chatting, laughing, eating, drinking and smoking together.. I thought it was a beautiful city and I can't wait to explore it a bit more.. next time though I'll have a map..



to all my UK gals and guys.. have a really lovely long weekend.. the weather looks like it's going to be pretty horrid.. my feet are already soaking from running around shops this afternoon.. but I do plan to get some Norfolk fresh air and enjoy myself..

unfortunately I'm going to be all alone as the boy is away but I have a few new DVD's to watch a bottle of Red and some ready meals! I also have some cake pops to make and a house to get back in control of. Am I the only one who get's swamped by house work - but I'm so angry it's got into such a state that I put my blinkers on let it get worse and worse.. hey ho.. maybe this is the weekend.. and I really have to learn houses don't clean themselves!

I'm also going to do a little crafting.. the sewing machine might even make an appearance.. ummm who knows..

Hope you've all got lots planed.. have a lovely one and I hope I'll be feeling more of my blogging self when we get back..


this is Tuscany...

holiday.. oh so long ago now.. the tan has faded my eye's are heavy with tiredness and I've already caught myself looking at villas and flights planning the next get away..

this was life at the villa... pool and evenings looking at the most stunning views I have ever seen.. to be honest I think the boy and I only picked up the camera twice in the four days we were there.. such as special place and thanks for to Roger and Gerry for letting us experience it with them.

more to follow..