to all my UK gals and guys.. have a really lovely long weekend.. the weather looks like it's going to be pretty horrid.. my feet are already soaking from running around shops this afternoon.. but I do plan to get some Norfolk fresh air and enjoy myself..

unfortunately I'm going to be all alone as the boy is away but I have a few new DVD's to watch a bottle of Red and some ready meals! I also have some cake pops to make and a house to get back in control of. Am I the only one who get's swamped by house work - but I'm so angry it's got into such a state that I put my blinkers on let it get worse and worse.. hey ho.. maybe this is the weekend.. and I really have to learn houses don't clean themselves!

I'm also going to do a little crafting.. the sewing machine might even make an appearance.. ummm who knows..

Hope you've all got lots planed.. have a lovely one and I hope I'll be feeling more of my blogging self when we get back..


  1. Maybe they will make a self cleaning house one day...well, they make self cleaning ovens :)

  2. Happy long weekend too!!!! Your plans sounds lovely! I was meant to be cycling to Brighton but with this weather I'm not so sure. Think I'll be getting the sewing machine out instead too :D

  3. Who needs to be good at cleaning when you can take such beautiful photographs. I really enjoy reading your blog :)

  4. Unfortunately no bank holiday for me. Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the time to yourself.

  5. Hope you're having a good long weekend... I don't have one but the husband does so I'm hoping (maybe in vain!) to come home to a nice tidy flat. I think houses/flats should tidy themselves too or at least we shouldn't have to do them! ;)