last day hanging out with the gang.. I love this photo - 3 favourite people.. stop for lunch below.

a nice idea - Gilly's for an expresso - €4 sat down €1 standing up - simple choice! up we get!

so we decided on doing our tourist deed and climb the dome.. we got in line and were one of the last one's in the queue.. climbing the 463 steps up very narrow spiral staircase was exhausting and very claustrophobic and hot.. half way up you suddenly find yourself walking along a passage looking up at the amazing frescoes of the Last Judgment which were so beautiful.. a few more passages and stairs and we arrived very sweaty at the top.. I think I was so relieved to be in fresh air that the vertigo didn't effect me..  I loved the views and the experience of being up their.. well worth it - even though some water would of been appreciated at the time!

our hotel.. more like an apartment from the Talented Mr Ripley - loved it! Nice one Charlie good Florence knowledge.. with the view from outside our hotel bellow..

we had one day and night in florence..  and had so much fun.. I loved walking around hanging out for the last day with Alex and Charlie.. we had a wonderful evening out together and said goodbye in the morning as we headed off to our anniversary hotel and they headed home.. so special getting to spend time with friends like this.. can't believe it's taken us 8 years to do it! x


  1. WOW - beautiful images. Tiny bit (ever so massively) envious of your trip. I haven't been to Italy and I think I might honeymoon there once Dan finally gets his arse into gear!! ;0). You look AMAZING! Such a hotty, love your hat and dress. If we do go, I might have to ask you the name of that amazing hotel. xxxLou x

  2. Oh good gracious! Indescribable jealousy! Looks like you are having an amazing time soaking up the culture! I love the shot of the carousel - keeps me dreaming of gypsys and all things interesting! I don't know why carousels remind me of gypsy's - they just do!
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  3. Hey beautiful! I've had a lovely time catching up over here, what a fantastic time you've been having, jolly well deserved! Stunning photos!!! Oh and really love your one year on photo too! xx

  4. hey Lou I've added a link above.. We stayed in the Annex which was lovely. I think they had 5 rooms up there with it's own little breakfast room so perfect if there's a group of you going! thanks as always for all your lovely comments.. and Fen and ned I've missed you..

  5. wow, it looks amazing! I went to Florence once with work, and we only had time to wander about for about an hour one evening. The city is beautiful, but you have also captured it beautifully - great photos. It makes me want to go back!

  6. Beautiful photography...you'll make everyone want to head over to Italy. Truly lovely. And where oh where did you get that amazing red dress?

  7. Florence looks incredible, and your photos are amazing!

    And the touristy trip up the the dome definitely seems worth it :)

  8. I love your hat!!!

  9. WOW. These photos are beautiful.

    I mean I knew I needed to go to Florence,but now I NEED to go to Florence.

  10. These photographs are incredible (as per usual) and you literally look like a film star! So glad you've had such a lovely holiday. Love that hat! Xx

  11. I've only just been to Florence and still you make it look totally different and vibrant. Wonderful photos, the new camera is suiting you (I'm assuming it is the new camera although the old one never let you down!).

  12. Beautiful pictures from Florence!! I just stumbled across your blog via a suggestion on Facebook and I must say: I spent quite a while on your beautiful site with so many interesting posts. Need to get some work and packing done now ;).

    Just wanted to say that and hope to see a lot from you from now on (subscribed via Bloglovin instantly)
    Have a wonderful weekend and if you have a minute I would be glad if you'll visit my blog!
    Yours, Theresa from http://neu4bauer.blogspot.com