Mummy Daddy look what I caught..

after tottering in to the office as proud as punch - this was the stand off he had with the boy.. fleas yesterday, bunny today.. it's been a good Dave week!

Righto off to Bath.. have managed to book and appointment for 10 tomorrow morning - why/how! Anyway am really looking forward to it.. Hope you've had a good week and hope you have a lovely weekend.. x x


berry licious

loving the fruity hedgerows at the moment, they're tempting us with the colours of Autumn which we've got to look forward to..  colourful woodlands, cold walks on the beach, mashed potato, stews, custard, red wine, roaring fires, apple pies.. umm the list could go on but I'll stop there.. is anyone else just as excited..?



don't you just love having fresh flowers in the house..

have had these in the kitchen all weekend making me smile every time I see them.. They've inspired me to clean and bake and as a result I've finally woken up feeling a little more like my old self.. I've been very poorly for the last 2 weeks and, as always, we've been crazy busy at work so haven't managed to take any time off to recover - hey ho!  our weekend was lush and finally started to get my little garden finished off with some slate gravel - underestimated how much we needed so have only got half of it done - but I'm liking it so far.. what do you think.. in a year or two it will be so grass bushy that you won't be able to see it but for now I think it looks ok..

This week is going to be just as crazy and we've got the added excitement of a weekend in Bath to look forward to.. so must get on! Hope you're all well and I'll be back with a few catch ups, hopefully this week.. still have lot's on back log to blog about! see you soon x


1 year on...

so FINALLY I have found the time to show you our 1 year wedding anniversary.. we spent the day in pure luxury surrounded by amazing scenery, olive tree's, lavender bushes, picilo farmhouses and the most incredible pool I've ever lazed beside..

We arrived at midday and spent our time by the pool drinking and soaking up the sun. The evening happened to be their summer celebration night so we were treated to the most amazing feast.. the boy hadn't read the email correctly so the nibbles & prosecco by the pool followed by the four course meal all came as a bit of a shock.. we'd just tucked into our 3rd plate of crostinis, cured meat, bread salad, mini milky mozzarella, pate and everything else yum to be told that dinner was about to be served - whoops! Hey ho last night of holiday and we went for it even though it lead to the most unromantic evening of going to bed too full to move! Thanks to darling friend sarah for lending me her dress - it was nice having something special to wear for the occasion..

as the sun was setting we did our photo.. with the camera resting at the top of some stairs the boy spent a while trying to get it all set up whilst I stood there like a lemon.. did manage to catch the most stereotypical itallian waiter who was so lovely..

Also as a nice touch - Our wedding is being featured here today on 100 Layer cake.. luckily they mentioned Dad's land rover so he is finally happy!

Right off to eat cake as it's my Brothers birthday.. have been having little peaks of what mum's creating - she's so cute! Hope you enjoy the photos x

Can't wait to do this again next year - even though I don't know what we can do to top this one..


sweet peas and thistles

I do LOVE a wedding! especially one 5 minutes down the road and very close to your heart.. a norfolk girl marrying her scottish man.. with wonderful friends thrown in - some of which were off on great adventures the day after..

the day went very well with good weather and amazing food.. the tables were adorned and named after the bottles of whisky, the place names were embroidered napkins and my mum made the best cake of her life for them! a 3 tiered mountain with winding pathway, rolling hills, running groom, sulking bride, sweet peas, thistles and a mountain..

hope you enjoy the piccies..


a norfolk church...

how beautiful is this church.. wooden angels, carved flowers all washed in sunlight..

this was the church I was in last weekend for a christening.. tomorrow, well today I'll be in another one for a very special friends wedding.. I can't wait.. have a lovely weekend x