sorry have been rubbish - am having a bit of a bloggers block but will be back with you soon! last week was a grey one with emotions running high.. am feeling a lot more positive now so hopefully break down over.

have lots going on and a day less in the office this week due to Bath brother sitting on friday.. can't wait but soooooo much to do! eeekkkkk



so I have finally joined the magical world that is Twitter..

I'm having fun so far so come and join me for little updates and images from the world that is wellies!

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with a post I just managed to delete having spent the last 2 day writing it.... grrrrrr. We're off for a meeting in Norwich so having a kinda cheeky half day.. it's nice we'll be able to enjoy the glorious sun shine..

here's some of the pictures I've been tweeting this week:


3 pictures

so here's 3 from work today.. we're busy busy but thought I'd post these photos.. am loving blues and brown at the moment..

had a very depressing morning hunting through the wardrobe - I'd decided on a casual day - old boy's tee with jeans ugg boots and a 9 year old tesco grey school jumper to be told by the boy we had a evening meeting - completely threw me and have ended up in an outfit I am not happy with so have felt wrong all day.. really must go shopping! theses sudden weather changes keep on throwing me!

hope your having a good clothes day....


weekend wishes

hopefully this weekend I will: updated

make this - got this done and about to have a slice.. yum
go to the coast and take photographs - no booooooooo had a lovely long lunch instead

go for a long bike ride and maybe a run - no run but 11 miles of off road mountain biking - fun but very tiring!

see special friends - yes.. had an amazing sunday lunch with some seriously lovely ladies, some boys and a baby - lush!

drink wine - way to much on saturday night! 

tidy house - kind of.. 

see more friend & eat out - yep saturday night our fully booked local looked after us - squeezing us in for burger's and beer - lush! 

maybe stop by the cinema - nope way to tired to drive an hour to norwich - pub followed by wine and TV & DVD was much more fun

finalise very exciting plans - eeeeeeee kind of - want to get the ball rolling this week - just struggling on a name!

sleep - of course..

watch rubbish TV/ X factor! yep yep yep - plus F1 which I forgot was on!

finish wuthering heights - yep saturday morning whilst the boy was making coffee.. 
................ done!

hope you've got exciting plans too..

Hope your weekends went well - weather here was amazing! we had a great time just didn't get the camera out - hey ho!



so I have finally got around to reading Wuthering Heights, something I'd been wanting to do since finishing and enjoying Jane Eyre so much. It's one of theses books you've heard so much about and kind of feel you know what your going to get - romantic story - Heathcliff and Catherine - moors - wildness etc..  but I'm 3/4 of the way through and really struggling.. I don't really like any of the characters.. am I meant to..? Why do people love this book so much - is it all in the ending..?

what are other peoples thoughts on this - I will finish it and keep going just to tick it off the list I'm just intrigued..

toot toot

oh how much do I adore this little boy..

this is my darling nephew playing with his new land rover which is identical to his daddys.. I could just spend all my time photographing him.. well and playing with him - we are killers on the dance floor together especially when dancing to big green tractor! classic tune!

Random one today but haven't posted pictures of him in ages.. hope it's sunny where you are today - we are grey, wet and muddy.. beat boys are out and about and have made a mess.. hey ho...



this has been life caught on my iPhone recently.. new glasses, bread machine, dad's new torch, cinnamon rolls, and a wet weekend on the coast. lush x



so today I am fuzzy headed.. the boy and I were both ill yesterday - which was a first! I came into work in the morning but swiftly left to join him at home for an afternoon feeling sorry for ourselves on the sofa.. did make my first batch of leek and potato soup to cheer us up which was delish.. oh the joy of homemade soup, and finally caught up with Downton Abbey.. so the day wasn't wasted!

we're both back at work today and holding up ok.. just having trouble thinking!


the bake off

so we're all trying to convince my mum to enter the great British bake off... we've all loved watching it and have been giggling all the way through with mum saying she should enter it! she's being far to modest and saying she's not good enough but I think we're wearing her down! has anyone else been watching it..?

this is one of mums latest offering for the table.. a colourful jewelled cake - which apparently is really easy!from what I'm told it also tasted delicious - even though as it's mainly cream I wouldn't know! I loved the colours and thought it looked amazing and had a real impact - perfect for a celebration dinner party!

for the recipe click here - it's from Sprinkle Bakes which has so many wonderful creative recipes on there it's just worth a flick through!


4 year

to my mum her sisters and granny june.. we miss him.

4 years somehow seems like forever yet so easily can I remember him - hear his voice, his laugh and once again be on his knee feeling the roughness of his large hands.

this is his prayer.

Heavenly Father, creator of all mankind
Show us the path of thy footsteps across the sands of life.
When we stumble and tread into the unknown, stretch forth thy hand to guide us through the darkness.
Bestow on us and our children the fruits of thy spirit.
To be humble and kind and generous to others, to be unselfish and forgiving and faithful to each other.
And to love and cherish each other till death do us part.

an apple...

has inspired us beyond belief... we are very sad today.



you were wonderful while you lasted.. and it was nice to know that the UK can be hot! mum's garden is once again alive and colourful.. am looking forward to taking a bunch of Dahlias home with me now were back to reality with grey skies and crazy wind's.



how amazing has this weather been! Crazy indian summer days.

would like to say I've been making the most of it.. but didn't at all.. we had so much to sort out this weekend and lot's of entertaining to do.. have to say a play on the beach would of been lovely but hanging with wonderful friends was well worth it.. and our house is finally clean! whoop whoop!

hope you've been enjoying the weather.. Dave's been loving the journeys.. he's all about the wind in his ears kinda dog!