4 year

to my mum her sisters and granny june.. we miss him.

4 years somehow seems like forever yet so easily can I remember him - hear his voice, his laugh and once again be on his knee feeling the roughness of his large hands.

this is his prayer.

Heavenly Father, creator of all mankind
Show us the path of thy footsteps across the sands of life.
When we stumble and tread into the unknown, stretch forth thy hand to guide us through the darkness.
Bestow on us and our children the fruits of thy spirit.
To be humble and kind and generous to others, to be unselfish and forgiving and faithful to each other.
And to love and cherish each other till death do us part.

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  1. Thank you. My Father will have been away from us for 9 years on the 17th of this month. That prayer has made my week. :-)