toot toot

oh how much do I adore this little boy..

this is my darling nephew playing with his new land rover which is identical to his daddys.. I could just spend all my time photographing him.. well and playing with him - we are killers on the dance floor together especially when dancing to big green tractor! classic tune!

Random one today but haven't posted pictures of him in ages.. hope it's sunny where you are today - we are grey, wet and muddy.. beat boys are out and about and have made a mess.. hey ho...


  1. he is cute! i can't wait for my bro's to have kids so that i can be an auntie (and for my son to have cousins). our living room is turns into a five minute dance floor each morning when we wake up - love it! such a good way to start the day. xx
    ps: i'm hosting a little giveaway at the moment, you should come over and play. You could win a sweet little pressie for this gorgeous nephew of yours!

  2. You've got a great skill there, your photo's look great, so does your nephew! :)