so I have finally joined the magical world that is Twitter..

I'm having fun so far so come and join me for little updates and images from the world that is wellies!

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with a post I just managed to delete having spent the last 2 day writing it.... grrrrrr. We're off for a meeting in Norwich so having a kinda cheeky half day.. it's nice we'll be able to enjoy the glorious sun shine..

here's some of the pictures I've been tweeting this week:


  1. love these pictures. i am on twitter and i still haven't taken pictures yet for it! welcome!


  2. Hmm... I'd join twitter, but I don't think I'd have time for tweeting... it seems that many people are using it, so maybe I should consider?

    P.S. Love your photos.

  3. Those are the prettiest flowers I've seen for a long time.

    Think Tweeting is still a little advanced for me though! xx

  4. lovely, lovely photos that seem to capture the very last moments of summer and the dying glow of autumn all at once :)

    i'm on twitter - @LforLemonade

    I'll hop off now and find you!

  5. I love your picture of dahlias. They are my favorite flower.

  6. Welcome to twitter. Ah, it is a strange and addictive world. Love the instagrams too! I am off to follow you on T.

  7. Oh!!.... she gasps as she ABSORBS the middle image! I seriously would hang this photo on my bedroom wall! Seriously.... (hint hint)

  8. Hi Tori! Thanks for the comment on the blog. So much fun to hear about other's experience.

    Are you on instagram as well? Has become my new little addiction. :)