weekend wishes

hopefully this weekend I will: updated

make this - got this done and about to have a slice.. yum
go to the coast and take photographs - no booooooooo had a lovely long lunch instead

go for a long bike ride and maybe a run - no run but 11 miles of off road mountain biking - fun but very tiring!

see special friends - yes.. had an amazing sunday lunch with some seriously lovely ladies, some boys and a baby - lush!

drink wine - way to much on saturday night! 

tidy house - kind of.. 

see more friend & eat out - yep saturday night our fully booked local looked after us - squeezing us in for burger's and beer - lush! 

maybe stop by the cinema - nope way to tired to drive an hour to norwich - pub followed by wine and TV & DVD was much more fun

finalise very exciting plans - eeeeeeee kind of - want to get the ball rolling this week - just struggling on a name!

sleep - of course..

watch rubbish TV/ X factor! yep yep yep - plus F1 which I forgot was on!

finish wuthering heights - yep saturday morning whilst the boy was making coffee.. 
................ done!

hope you've got exciting plans too..

Hope your weekends went well - weather here was amazing! we had a great time just didn't get the camera out - hey ho!


  1. is this image upside down? It looks like it was taken lying down... might be my eyes being weird after having half a bottle of vino... A great list! (not x factor tho... soul destroying stuff in my mind) but yes.. consider the point - drink wine - absolutely ticked off over here! Have a great one, lovely lady! xx

  2. Since when has Formula One rubbish TV?

  3. Sorry forgot to read it before posting comment. Should have said "since when has F1 been rubbish TV?"!!!! Hope you enjoy it.

  4. no I meant the X factor & Strictly - I forgot about Rugby and F1 - suddenly half my days gone!

  5. I have a list just like this, and it's 2pm on Saturday already and only two things have been ticked off. Oh dear. Good intentions are the main thing though, right! Have an awesome weekend and hope you have more luck than me! xx

  6. Sounds like a great weekend! I hope you got it all done x

  7. My goodness that was a full weekend. Puts mine to shame.