my life through instagram..

if you play twitter you would of seen some of these before.. but as there the only fun photos I've taken recently thought I'd share them with you..


tick, tick

weekend went very well thank you.. didn't stroll to far from the nest but it did get a dam good clean and I had fun playing in the kitchen - even though I resisted the temptation of baking cookies - which - I'm very proud of myself about. the boy and I have started a pre christmas diet.. umm diet might be too strong a word - carb cutdown and run when we can routine! this I feel is necessary for maximum Christmas enjoyment.. as for me it's all about the food and booze!

I have to say I am lacking in christmas cheer at the moment.. mild weathers not helping and the to do before christmas work list is a weeee bit scary.. even though today has been good as I have managed to get through quite a bit - hence rewarding myself for a babble on the blog. anyone else lacking the cheer? think I need some mulled wine, fairy lights and glitter to lift the spirt!



so autumn is fading and winter approaching.. but oh my hasn't it been a good one! mild, mainly sunny, colourful and randomly full of flowers!

I am super excited about the weekend - a whole weekend with nothing to do! might go shopping - might not - might go walking - might not - might bake - might not  - might see friends - might just do nothing!

after the busyness of life and work recently nothing is sounding pretty darn good.

have a lovely weekend whatever you're doing x


so this is the only surviving table decoration from this weekends festivities..

ever since the wedding I now have a slightly obsessive want to style and decorate any party I hear of.. so when a 10 year school reunion was mentioned I immediately offered my services in the flower department.

the brief was:
charity event - maximum £200 budget
six large circular tables with white table cloths and nothing else
need to be made the day before due to double booking ourselves and not being around on the day to deliver and do the flowers.

my creative partner (mum) and I had some serious debates and once again came up with a mountain of ideas.. potted plants, herbs, full on flower bouquet - but all theses were going to cost to much. mum remembered about some cider jugs she got for my brothers wedding and luckily had six lying around therefor the simple and cost free solution was to attack the hedgerows on the farm and fill the pots with berries and other colourful finds on the farm.

I think they came out really well and in the big wooden hall looked very fitting and seasonal. I did spend £9 on roses but I think it was money well spent and as my original budget was going to be £200 think we did well and our little bit for charity and I obviously swallowed the £9 myself.

I wish I had a photo to show you from the event.. but I was so wired after the craziest day in a long time couldn't face getting the camera out. the boy and I had breakfast at home, lunch in Oxford then dinner and dancing in Holt, Norfolk. Therefore we drove for 6 1/2 hours I had two coats of makeup applied and 2 shoe changes.. well worth it though - ended up being a very good day!



this is my nest..

theses photos were taken a couple of weekends ago when I was feeling a little under the weather.. today I wish I was back there.. had another crazy weekend and feeling the effects today!

have got some lovely things to post so fingers crossed I'll find a minute or two to sift through all the images and put some posts together! we're off to cambridge tonight for a gig which will be fun.. think we might enjoy a cheeky burger before the event as well.. I might have to had a cheeky nap in the car on the way down there - I'm sure the boy won't mind..

Happy monday and catch ya later!


lovely and local

theses are photos from the boy's and my trip to a local farmers market a week ago at creake abbey.. we spent a lovely morning walking around the stalls trying and buying lots of yummy local produce including macaroons, cordials, apple juice and sushi.. we arrive a little late and dazed so missed out on a few treats but it's good to know that theres a lovely market just down the road..

next one is a christmas special and I am already way to excited!



lookie what I found..

so was meant to post this ages ago - and competly forgot..
as it's the weekend and from the looks of it may be a wet one,  thought you might appreciate a little cake inspiration! mini banana cake with nutella icing, trust me it's yummy - not as heavy as banana bread but still has that same moreishness! I made a mini cake but I think the recipe would work in one large cake tin.. and nutella buttercream - oh me oh my.. secretly kept on spreading it on bread after I made this - oh so good! the decorations and photos weren't great but I loved the little cake - perfect for 2.

recipe found here on Always with Butter - great blog!

have a lovely weekend x

no time

so once again I seem to have no time this week for my little blog.. very boring but just how it is..

this week has been an interesting one.. sometimes you suddenly realise that your not just playing - but running a business.. our work is so much fun and working with my boy is amazing, we have the so many great projects and clients to work with that everyday is always a good one. this year has just been amazing - we are SO busy - which I keep on saying but somedays you just realise how lucky you are!

anyway back to work.. as it's Friday there's lots to tick off the list before we go home and I think tonight might be a late one!

have a great weekend.. I'm hoping to enjoy some good food, beautiful colours, country roads, bit of baking, fresh air and catching up with friends.. oh and a bonfire! very exciting! have a good one x x


sunday lunch in Bath

had such a lovely weekend in Bath.. the boy got to spend lots of time with his 7 year old brother and I got to spend lots of time on my own shopping and watching tele.. even though I did join in the fun and games occasionally! but apparently girls are no good at james bond on the PS2.. what a shame!

the boy and I did get a little time off on Sunday - we had the amazing No3 hair salon to photograph in the morning and then fitted in a cheeky little shop.. on the hunt for winter shoes - not that I could find any! we finished off our free time with a real treat.. sunday lunch from the amazing Schwartz Bros. Hawaiian chicken burger x2.. they only do takeaway so we enjoyed our burgers and chips in the park looking over the traffic as we were so hungry and couldn't be bothered to walk further up the hill.. I'd forgotten how good they are and can't wait till we're in Bath again for our next stop by there.. love Bath and love burgers ..