this is my nest..

theses photos were taken a couple of weekends ago when I was feeling a little under the weather.. today I wish I was back there.. had another crazy weekend and feeling the effects today!

have got some lovely things to post so fingers crossed I'll find a minute or two to sift through all the images and put some posts together! we're off to cambridge tonight for a gig which will be fun.. think we might enjoy a cheeky burger before the event as well.. I might have to had a cheeky nap in the car on the way down there - I'm sure the boy won't mind..

Happy monday and catch ya later!


  1. Love your nest. Completely awesome green sofa xx

  2. Enjoy all the cheeky enjoyableness that makes life so worthwhile!

  3. I love your nest and am very jealous of how stylish it is.

    We live in a rented flat and as we have decided to stay a little bit long I am determined that I am going to make it more homely and permanent even if I can't put pictures on the walls.

  4. how very cozy. looks like you had a perfect weekend!