no time

so once again I seem to have no time this week for my little blog.. very boring but just how it is..

this week has been an interesting one.. sometimes you suddenly realise that your not just playing - but running a business.. our work is so much fun and working with my boy is amazing, we have the so many great projects and clients to work with that everyday is always a good one. this year has just been amazing - we are SO busy - which I keep on saying but somedays you just realise how lucky you are!

anyway back to work.. as it's Friday there's lots to tick off the list before we go home and I think tonight might be a late one!

have a great weekend.. I'm hoping to enjoy some good food, beautiful colours, country roads, bit of baking, fresh air and catching up with friends.. oh and a bonfire! very exciting! have a good one x x


  1. Bonfire! How fantastic. Enjoy x

  2. Always good to reward hard work with "coolarooni" weekend plans! Enjoy!