so this is the only surviving table decoration from this weekends festivities..

ever since the wedding I now have a slightly obsessive want to style and decorate any party I hear of.. so when a 10 year school reunion was mentioned I immediately offered my services in the flower department.

the brief was:
charity event - maximum £200 budget
six large circular tables with white table cloths and nothing else
need to be made the day before due to double booking ourselves and not being around on the day to deliver and do the flowers.

my creative partner (mum) and I had some serious debates and once again came up with a mountain of ideas.. potted plants, herbs, full on flower bouquet - but all theses were going to cost to much. mum remembered about some cider jugs she got for my brothers wedding and luckily had six lying around therefor the simple and cost free solution was to attack the hedgerows on the farm and fill the pots with berries and other colourful finds on the farm.

I think they came out really well and in the big wooden hall looked very fitting and seasonal. I did spend £9 on roses but I think it was money well spent and as my original budget was going to be £200 think we did well and our little bit for charity and I obviously swallowed the £9 myself.

I wish I had a photo to show you from the event.. but I was so wired after the craziest day in a long time couldn't face getting the camera out. the boy and I had breakfast at home, lunch in Oxford then dinner and dancing in Holt, Norfolk. Therefore we drove for 6 1/2 hours I had two coats of makeup applied and 2 shoe changes.. well worth it though - ended up being a very good day!


  1. so pretty, love the golden leaves and red berries with the creamy roses

  2. Those colours are so gorgeously autumnal. And love the jugs too!

  3. Wow, what a lovely display, well done you! And thrifty too x

  4. I love these photos, they're so pretty :)

  5. Not only do you have an eye for photos, but you also have a great eye for flower arrangements lady. This display is beautiful. Clever clever!
    Ps: I'm curious - what's in that jar in from of the Jamie Oliver book on the right? Looks like a stash of lollies or something from here but surely it can't be ;)

  6. The Franglaise you have some good eyes.. They're the old school candy lipsticks - been there since last Christmas! My tooth isn't quite as sweet as it used to be.. as you can see I'm a fan of clutter though so all is good!

    Have a lovely weekend x