tick, tick

weekend went very well thank you.. didn't stroll to far from the nest but it did get a dam good clean and I had fun playing in the kitchen - even though I resisted the temptation of baking cookies - which - I'm very proud of myself about. the boy and I have started a pre christmas diet.. umm diet might be too strong a word - carb cutdown and run when we can routine! this I feel is necessary for maximum Christmas enjoyment.. as for me it's all about the food and booze!

I have to say I am lacking in christmas cheer at the moment.. mild weathers not helping and the to do before christmas work list is a weeee bit scary.. even though today has been good as I have managed to get through quite a bit - hence rewarding myself for a babble on the blog. anyone else lacking the cheer? think I need some mulled wine, fairy lights and glitter to lift the spirt!


  1. Hmm, not quite full of cheer yet here either... I think I will be more so when I can decorate the flat but it's a bit early for that. Also I need a bit of a carb cutdown too or I'll be a little christmas pudding myself!

  2. It is decidedly unchristmassy. Bring on the frost and afternoon moons with rings around them x

  3. I'm having trouble getting into the Christmas mood myself. In part due to the weather, in part because we aren't going home. So I hope for all of us that we can get into the spirit and have a cup of good cheer!

  4. I think I am the totaly opposite, I am too full of festive cheer and there is no way this will last till Christmas, by then I will be bac to Scrooge.

    BEt people can't wait to see me at Christmas now!