happy monday.

hope you all had a good weekend.. ours went well - bit foolishly over indulged on Friday night at the local that kind of killed us for the rest of the weekend.. did get to the farmers market on Saturday followed by a brisk walk on the beach and dinner at friends.. on Friday night I'd stollen a bit of beef off my brother for our sunday lunch so I thought the only decent thing to do was to invite him and his family over to enjoy it with us.. I always love winter sunday lunches and this one went down very well with me just using up what I had in the fridge.. and my brothers beef tasted yum, yum, yum..

today we are working in the coldest little office.. 3 jumpers and a coat on and my hands are still numb! hey ho - the weather this year has been so mild and as we have 20 days till the big C it's nice to feel a little more wintery!

a year ago I took this series of photos of my friend - I remember it being such a lovely day and randomly she's down in Norfolk today so we're popping over to her families for dinner tonight! can't believe how quickly these years are flying by!


  1. sounds like a pretty perfect wintery weekend to me. Beautiful photos from the past.

  2. Oh my doggy loves that spot at Castle Acre river too! I can't get her out of it whenever we go.

    The years do indeed go quickly, I can't quite believe it's Christmas again, it only felt like a few months ago! Crazy.

  3. I know, time is flying by like crazy - I can't keep up!
    Sounds like you had a great pre-wintery weekend. And those photos from last year are beautiful. I do like the filter you've added here though. It gives the perfect autumny feel to the photo. Have a good week Tori!