poor dave..

have had a very distracting morning this morning - poor Dave has been to the doggy doctors for a minor op.. he has severe abandonment issues so I was so worries he was going to get himself into a right state - I had to put him in his cage and he was flighting to be let out - he just sat there shaking and crying when we left.. but we've just go the all clear through and are now waiting to pick him up. poor Dave - I'll give you an update once he's home..

this is a photo of dave in his favourite position - staring out of windows checking for intruders or bunnies!

hope you're all having a lovely day..

and remember GIVEAWAY!

he's fine.. not his normal self but getting there.. he was very quiet last night - not himself at all and a very slow heart rate which was scary.. but all is good today.. the vets said he was very good with them which was a relief - even though he did have to go in a incubator for a bit because he was so cold and shaking so much! poor David...


  1. Poor Dave, hope you get him home soon and he can get back to looking out for those bunnies!

  2. I hope dave is back to looking for the rabbits out of his favourite window in no time.

  3. I hope that Dave will be home soon and feeling much better!

  4. Dave's so cute! Such an awesome name for a dog!!

  5. Huge big kisses for Dave hope he sleeps ok..
    Love Dada xxx Noonoo xxxx & Lewie xxxxx

  6. Give him lots of love when he gets home!
    He's such a wonderful character, it's great to see him in your blog, but so sad to hear he's sick.

    Get well soon Dave!!

  7. ohh I'm pleased he's ok!

  8. Oh no poor Dave! Hope he will feel better soon!