whoops - running way behind on everything! Hopefully will catch up soon.. till then heres a few from our new years

the theme was cartoons - we had superman, minnie mouse, the boy as clark kent and us, as I'm not sure what round for drinks and nibbles before an evening dancing and drinking in the local! For our costumes I drew the signs in the morning and once printed and mounted we made hats, necklaces and signs.. I loved the results and had a really good night - hope you like them too..

also on some of the photos theres a little peep and some of theses from i heart this..

and a small taster of something I've been working on... more coming soon - exciting times x


  1. your new years looked grreat!

  2. Tori!!! iHeart the hats!!!! wish i was ka-powing with you guys. miss you. xx

  3. New Years looks like fun! And looks like you've been a busy bee with a new venture - beautiful images! Look forward to more.

  4. Well if your behind then I don't know where I am.

    So excited about your new venture. Offering help and assistance in anyway I possibly can from such a distance.

    Loving these pictures.

  5. Awww, I love those signs!! That whack pic is v funny/cute :)