Christmas Instagram!

so I was looking through all my iPhone Instagram images today and thought I'd share my Christmas highlights with you.. as always I got ill halfway through Christmas Day and have now just recovered! Work today has been a bit of a shock - forgotten how long days are when you get up in the morning! but feeling good about 2012 and so far! I'll try and get my New Year photos up - we had a cartoon theme party to go too therefor a dressing up headache was involved! more on this later..

So here was my Christmas.. enjoy x

So for my wrapping i went for  NEON theme this year - making theses bows was a mission! But I did love the result and manage to find other uses for them as hair accessories!

So first Christmas happened in Bath with the boys family. As always Bath is such an amazing place and had so much fun helping the boys dad and family move into a new family home and the boys Mum hosting us and her family on Christmas day and Boxing day.. amazing food in stylish settings.. Also do you like my hair.. Had it all chopped off and coloured on Christmas eve - the amazing Fran at no3 hairdressing in Bath did it and I couldn't be more happy with it - what do you think..?

Boxing day evening we headed back to Norfolk for a family Christmas on the 27th.. again we had a delicious family feast, with 4 pudding - no less from my mum! and were all amazingly spoiled by my incredibly generous father - iPad for me.. couldn't believe it! I cried! and a little tractor for my nephew - tractors are his most favourite thing and with this one he didn't know whether to sit on it or look at it - way to over whelming.. the boys all had a lovely time flying helicopters outside - resulting in loss of control and a crash.. hey ho.. it still kind of works! also the boy got new glasses from me for christmas.. i am loving his new look - especially when wearing a pink crown!


  1. looks a great day-love the tractor!

  2. So much colour! Thank goodness for Christmas or we'd all be feeling so very dull and dismal by this point of winter.

    PS - your hair looks amazing, it must have been scary going for the big chop but the gamble totally paid off.

    PPS - happy new year!

  3. Looks like an awesome day and your hair lOoks fab. Might gave to pay that place a visit!

    You have a public profile on Instagram? Mines firstdayofmarriage if you want to follow xx

  4. Happy New Year Tori! What an amazing christmas... I wish I had instagram, still in the dark ages with my phone. Maybe when this stoopid contract runs out, I shall join you! Lou x

  5. I am loving your hair...it looks so cool and makes me very jealous.

    I am growing my hair again as always seems to happen after I have it cut off...you would think I would learn!

  6. Looks like a wonderful day. I love the decorated fireplace!

    Sal x

  7. tori!!! your pictures look so juicy!!! and LOVE your new hair! cant wait to come home and cuddle with you by the fireplace.... visualizing february.... just in time for some bday love?? :) miss you! xx

  8. Wow looks like a fun time, especially for your little nephew with his tractor! I know a little boy who would just love that!

    Happy New Year to you!

  9. Happy New Year Wellies! Love following your blog and seeing life on the farm. I'm thinking about getting my hair cut short too, must be a new year thing. Hope Dave is fully recovered now. Xx

  10. love the neon, and that crazy little gnome in a saanta hat? v cute! the first picture of dave staring through the door by the tree is very sweet :)

    happy belated christmas and new year!

  11. We got our nephew a tractor for Xmas, not quite as big as that but he loves it.
    Wonderful pictures.

  12. Looks like an awesome day and your hair lOoks fab. Might gave to pay that place a visit!