weekend links

well YUCK YUCK YUCK.. this weather is vile. Just wet and horrid - not even that cold.. just YUCK..  so I hope everyones had a good week.. ours has been very busy and I think we're going to be manic for the next few weeks trying to catch up and get projects done. lots to look forward to and we're dying to finally get ourselves re branded and up to date!

I've got lots to do this weekend.. our house is so out of control - everywhere needs cleaning and everything washing.. and I also have an urge to cook and bake.. who knows - I'll probably end up living in my pyjamas eating toast and watching tele! nothing wrong with that hey!

so here are some lovely things to browse over the weekend. Hope you all have a lovely one and catch up next week..

this fox plate  by ko ko ko made me smile.. I think he's so cute biking off with his french baguette.. so so cute!

I have a BIG thing for neon at the moment.. and theses cute post cards caught my eye. they're by Jessica Nielsen and can be found here..

please can I have this for valentines day.. i love pugs - even though I love davids more! but isn't it cute! Danielle of Handy Maiden makes unique and hand painted friends which you can find here.. i also LOVE the fox..

I love the seventy trees prints.. I already have one and once again she has followed my favourite colour scheme and come up with a new design.. you can get it here..


  1. Seventy trees surely has done it again! Lovely print!

  2. Yes please, I'll have all of the above. Thank you :)

  3. Aww, love the fox plate (predictably enough!) And oh god, I have to send the pocket pug to my friend's husband so he can buy it for her – she'd love it!!