Just wanted to write a quick thank you to Charley from the amazing wedding blog London Bride for featuring my illustrations today. It's nice to have them appreciated again and on such a cool blog - how amazing is her branding!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. We're heading off to Twickenham to watch the rugby which should be a good laugh and are looking forward to a day of nothingness on Sunday. It's been a crazy week here and a lot of late nights working so we're going to have a well deserved lie in! Hope you all have a lovely weekend too and see you next week.. I have some spring cupcakes to share with you as well as some pictures from Ella's arrival - where does time go! hey ho x x



so today it feels like spring! I am so excited.. sun, florals, leaves and life.. so much to look forward to! I know the weather will change and it will be freezing again soon - just thought I'd celebrate while it was here..

also how Beautiful are theses images.. they're by Grant Thomas for the ES magazine.. totally feeling clashing prints!


my birthday

So here are a few instagram piccies from my birthday.

It was a very civilised 29th - we had been treated to dinner by friends the night before at the amazing White Horse in Brancaster.. we were wined and dined and ate some incredible food and drank very tasty wine which resulted in a very laid back morning... well I think we missed the morning but it was all good.. The boy treated me to my favourite bagels and I got given the most ridiculous amount of sweet treats! The day also included a walk and watching rugby with a friend followed by a delicious dinner at our local with mum, dad and the wonderful Jon.. so all in all a very good day.. thanks mum for the macaroons - even though the ago doesn't allow you to cook them properly - Oli and I still think they tasted DAM good!

Am now busy planning the boys 30th! So excited about throwing a party and am whirling with ideas of what to do, make, eat, drink.. the boy is not enthusiastic about my ideas at all - but only cause he doesn't want to make the effort! So am quietly getting on with it behind his back!



this is a little video some friends have done.. someday I will get around to talking about theses amazing heart parts.. but for now here's a little 30 second video. starring a hairy coconut and other deliciousness. I think it's well cute! Hope you enjoy x


he he - I clearly used to have a lot of time on my hands..

The boy and I are busy doing a new website for PFD so I'm having to look through lost files on my computer.. When we first started the company I used to do a lot more illustrations.. they used to take forever and I went into the smallest details - but at the time they were fun to do. I've just found this one I did for some friends of ours who were getting married, it was back in 2008 but flowers in the hair were clearly always something that I considered essential for all brides.. anyway I thought I'd share them with you as it made me smile..

Hope you're al having a happy valentines day.. The boy and I will be doing nothing special - even though today is also our 1 1/2 year wedding anniversary! But as our house is filled with flowers, chocolates and sweets from my birthday I'm not doing too badly.


Mums Birthday..

So as is always the case this time of year is one big sugar high.. Mums & now Ella's Birthday followed by mine always means way to much cake, wine, food and festivities.. Also lots of trying to take photos with no natural light.. nightmare!

Anyway birthday season always starts off with Mums and her twins.. Twin is away so mum got to have the day all to herself - well almost.. The arrival of her first Granddaughter at midday was the best present she could ever of asked for. As my brother and his wife were busy having babies mum and dad had the pleasure of looking after their first grandchild Jacob.. who was the luckiest boy and got given a set of fireman sam jim jams.. well he couldn't stop shouting about it - pure delight! We had a cozy Tea together with Mum making her own cake.. I'm hoping she's going to tell you all about it over on her blog which I made for her as a birthday present.. Caro's Cakes.. I thought it was about time she started keeping a record of all theses cakes she's been making!

It's my birthday today so I'm sure I'll have lots to tell you about next week.. as well as showing you more pictures of Ellas arrival.. Hope your all having a good weekend x x


what a week..

Boom! this week has gone by SO quickly and what an amazing week it's been.

It's snowed, twice
We've almost finished our new website - only taken a year!
Booked another 2 weddings and a family portrait session with someone I've always wanted to meet. And got a few more inquiries.. thanks everyone again for your support!
Spent lots of time with my nephew
Ate a delish Tagine at our fiends house on wednesday night
Got to celebrate my Mums Birthday
And have got a new niece!

Ella Christabel Hancock was born on the 9th February which is the same day as my mums birthday. I got to have a cuddle today and am so in love.. More photos coming soon..

All this and then tomorrow it's MY Birthday! Celebrating tonight with friends and tomorrow with family..  I'll be turning 29 and I feel amazing! Must run as lots to do before tonight.. just had to tell you all the good news! x


a woodland walk

this is what I'm hoping to be doing this weekend.. we just might have to wrap up walk and trudge through the snow.. these photos we're taken on new years day.. oh so long ago now!

I am well in need of some fresh, cold air - I feel like I spend all my time staring at bright screens and feel a little cooped up. work is crazy at the moment - I've been doing lots of new designs for Gone crabbing which is always fun.. as well as a few logo designs and photo editing.. still lots on the to do list for next week and who knows maybe by March we'll be a bit more caught up and can enjoy some down time..

for now a woodland walk is all I can hope for - but as it's this beautiful I can't complain!


Tori Hancock Photography

Please forgive me for my absence.. it has been for a very valid reason and I'm now excited to share with you all - officially - what it is.

I would like to introduce you to my new business.. Tori Hancock Photography!

After years of wishing to do it - I have finally taken the leap and become a photographer.. and it feels good! I am offering my services to you as a wedding and lifestyle photographer. So if you know someone who's getting married or are a family looking for some natural photographs of yourselves to adorn your wall please get in touch!

My website went live yesterday evening and has been built by my beautiful boy who has worked tirelessly over many an evening getting it ready for me as quickly as possible. Aren't I lucky having such a good talented one! I've been blown away already by the amazing response I've had from people who I know only from our virtual world, the twitter comments last night almost made me cry and defiantly made the boy speechless. I'm not leaving wellies and vogue. I love having this space for me.. and having it has given me the confidence to take this step. I've got some great ideas for where I want to go with my blog and I'm hoping you still enjoy visiting here!

For more photos have a peek at my portfolio and I've posted a post with more images on my new blog.. so go and take a look.. Hope you enjoy and thanks again for coming here.. you guys are the BEST!