he he - I clearly used to have a lot of time on my hands..

The boy and I are busy doing a new website for PFD so I'm having to look through lost files on my computer.. When we first started the company I used to do a lot more illustrations.. they used to take forever and I went into the smallest details - but at the time they were fun to do. I've just found this one I did for some friends of ours who were getting married, it was back in 2008 but flowers in the hair were clearly always something that I considered essential for all brides.. anyway I thought I'd share them with you as it made me smile..

Hope you're al having a happy valentines day.. The boy and I will be doing nothing special - even though today is also our 1 1/2 year wedding anniversary! But as our house is filled with flowers, chocolates and sweets from my birthday I'm not doing too badly.


  1. Lovely!
    You should put some on istock.

  2. it's so gorgeous! i love how you've emphasised on all the details and how the bride has starry angel wings! happy 1.5 year anniversary to you & Oli! :)

  3. these illustrations are beautiful! Would love to see more!