my birthday

So here are a few instagram piccies from my birthday.

It was a very civilised 29th - we had been treated to dinner by friends the night before at the amazing White Horse in Brancaster.. we were wined and dined and ate some incredible food and drank very tasty wine which resulted in a very laid back morning... well I think we missed the morning but it was all good.. The boy treated me to my favourite bagels and I got given the most ridiculous amount of sweet treats! The day also included a walk and watching rugby with a friend followed by a delicious dinner at our local with mum, dad and the wonderful Jon.. so all in all a very good day.. thanks mum for the macaroons - even though the ago doesn't allow you to cook them properly - Oli and I still think they tasted DAM good!

Am now busy planning the boys 30th! So excited about throwing a party and am whirling with ideas of what to do, make, eat, drink.. the boy is not enthusiastic about my ideas at all - but only cause he doesn't want to make the effort! So am quietly getting on with it behind his back!


  1. sounds delightful. Happy Birthday.

  2. Sounds like a great birthday--and no birthday weekend is complete without a lazy birthday morning, that's hat they're there for

  3. Sounds like you had the perfect day ~ Belated Happy Birthday.
    Those bagels look fantastic...they made my tummy rumble. I haven't had brekkie yet but unfortunately I haven't got any of those so it will have to be cereal :(

  4. Mmm, a birthday full of delicious treats sounds perfect!

  5. Sounds like a perfect day - happy belated birthday!! Beautiful photos!
    Best wishes for a fabulous year ahead!

  6. Love your pup. He's soo cute! And happy birthday :)