what a week..

Boom! this week has gone by SO quickly and what an amazing week it's been.

It's snowed, twice
We've almost finished our new website - only taken a year!
Booked another 2 weddings and a family portrait session with someone I've always wanted to meet. And got a few more inquiries.. thanks everyone again for your support!
Spent lots of time with my nephew
Ate a delish Tagine at our fiends house on wednesday night
Got to celebrate my Mums Birthday
And have got a new niece!

Ella Christabel Hancock was born on the 9th February which is the same day as my mums birthday. I got to have a cuddle today and am so in love.. More photos coming soon..

All this and then tomorrow it's MY Birthday! Celebrating tonight with friends and tomorrow with family..  I'll be turning 29 and I feel amazing! Must run as lots to do before tonight.. just had to tell you all the good news! x


  1. oh happy wellies household! She is so adorable, and you look so in love. Happy Birthday Tori.. have a great weekend. Lou x

  2. wow-that is a happy week. lots to celebrate! happy birthday!

  3. Aw Ella is so cute :)
    Glad to hear you are getting lots of bookings!

  4. Wow the new year is off to a bright start over in Wellies and Vogue land.
    Congratulations all round. Three happy birthdays!!!
    Ella is very sweet.

    I wish I could be 29 again...Time flies when you're having fun.
    Make the most of every day.
    Happy birthday Tori.

  5. Congratulations...How lovely that you'll all be able to celebrate your happy days together.
    My daughter is 27 today, which is unbelieveable really because I'm only 19..!!! ;)

    Ella looks so precious and obviously is in for some serious cuddles. Enjoy and Happy Birthday to you all!

  6. Oh, Ella is a beauty all in spots. Baby wrangling suits you lady...

    So happy to hear you've had such a productive week and the new business is going so well. What a lucky little family that is to be having such beautiful pictures taken of them ;) We can hardly contain our excitement round these parts, and I'm so looking forward to finally meeting you too Tori.

    Happy happy birthday too - you deserve only the most fun of days xx

  7. Happy birthday! I I just turned 29 myself. It's not so bad after all. I was kinda worried that the impending 3-0 would be a downer but it wasn't. I hope you have a fabulous time no matter what you have planned :-)

    Sal x

  8. Oh, your niece is born on the same day as my little boy. Yay for 9th of Feb babies! Happy birthdays to the lovely ladies of the wellies household! February will always be party time for you now. I'm looking forward to following your mum's cake recipes as her cakes always look so delish. Bisous! xx