a woodland walk

this is what I'm hoping to be doing this weekend.. we just might have to wrap up walk and trudge through the snow.. these photos we're taken on new years day.. oh so long ago now!

I am well in need of some fresh, cold air - I feel like I spend all my time staring at bright screens and feel a little cooped up. work is crazy at the moment - I've been doing lots of new designs for Gone crabbing which is always fun.. as well as a few logo designs and photo editing.. still lots on the to do list for next week and who knows maybe by March we'll be a bit more caught up and can enjoy some down time..

for now a woodland walk is all I can hope for - but as it's this beautiful I can't complain!


  1. Food for the soul...walking amongst the trees.
    Fantastic photos ~ enjoy your weekend :D

  2. These are such lovely woodland photos :) x

  3. That's our plan for tomo.....
    Just adore your shots xxxxx

  4. Gorgeous (as always!) Wish I lived this near to woods to go for a walk like this!

  5. amazing photos! I think I need a walk too, need to get out and clear my head.

  6. Your photos are ethereal - I'm very inspired! It's a truly blessed thing when people follow their passions. Well done you!